Advice of Dr. Ken Gibson for Primary Election Day Today

Dr. Ken Gibson urges you to use the “Value Voters Guide” of Conservative Christian Center to vote in the primary election of Tues. May 16, 2017

Gibson Says: Vote Today, and use the CCC Values Voter Guide to help you choose wisely

Concerning the Primary Election today (Tuesday, May 16) here’s the advice of Dr. Ken Gibson, chaplain of the Conservative Christian Center, Chairman Emeritus of York County Action, a former Pastor and founder of the Keystone Bible Institute in York, PA.  Polling Places are open from 7 AM to 8 PM.  Additional information including polliing places HERE.  The “Value Voter Guide” Dr. Gibson refers to was compiled by Conservative Christian Center, in association with York County Action.  Now, here’s Dr. Gibson’s advice for you.


Dr. Ken Gibson, a former Pastor, gives you advice we hope you will take, including how you ought to make use of the Conservative Christian Center (CCC) “Value Voter Guide” to decide who you will vote for. Click on this image for the 8 1/2 by 14 inch, 2 sides brochure you can print (black ink only).

Today is Election Day for the primary.  Usually a low voter turnout, but be the exception and do your civic duty and take time to pray and vote tomorrow at the polls in York County.

I have included a link to the South Central Pa. Conservative Christian Center, and their findings in a Straw poll they took at the candidate forum on Friday evening, May 5.

Please REVIEW this survey in depth and PRAY over it, and then VOTE today. It is crucial that we vote Christians into office who will maintain core values such as Pro-Life, Traditional Base Family, Religious Freedom, a person who is not ashamed of their faith and who let their faith be their guiding principle, not their party affiliation and who are not ashamed of answering questions for the public on vital issues.

You must be the one who decides who is best qualified to serve in these positions.  Do not waste your vote and do not allow it to be taken away from you.  It is your VOICE in the public arena and it is an important voice to be heard.  I will be voting today and using the CCC survey as a guide.

Dr. Ken Gibson


How you can help.

First be sure to vote.  Second, don’t just vote for the candidate who has the best smile or the most catchy campaign slogans.  Vote for the candidate whose views most closely match your own views.  That’s called voting with “an informed conscience.”  Dr. Ken Gibson, a former Pastor, gives you advice we hope you will take, including how you ought to make use of the Conservative Christian Center (CCC) “Value Voter Guide” to decide who you will vote for.

To read the FULL 5 page questionnaire which each candidate returned to us (from which we took 10 questions to give them a “score” of from A best down to D – did not respond – click HERE.

Second, if you wish to help make a big difference, download a copy of the Value Voters Guide HERE (onto a thumbdrive) and find a printer to print out 10 or 30 or more copies on 8 ½ by 14 inch paper (2 sides, black ink).  Hand them out to everyone you know, and then stand in front of your polling place and hand them out there.  Print more to last you 2 hours or even 4 hours.

Third, consider a donation to help us pay for this important project.  Our voter Guide and the Candidate Forum of May 5 made a lot of information available of interest to conservative Christians but we have spent over $1,000 for these activities, and are short the funding to pay this bill.  If you are able to do your part to help us make up the shortfall you may donate HERE.

We are grateful to those who have donated already, to those who took the time to come and consider the candidate questionnaire answers, then listen to the candidates at our May 5 Candidate Forum, and then vote with a ranking of from 0 (low) to 10 (highest) for the candidates.

We are especially grateful to Robert Cosgrove and other volunteers who labored for many hours to compile the results of the questionnaire and then rank the candidates according to their right, wrong or non-answers.  In fact, Bob worked on this project twice until past 2 in the morning, despite having to be at work early the next day.

The South Central PA Coordinator for Conservative Christian Center is also especially deserving of our thanks for his efforts to help produce the successful “Candidate Forum” on May 5, the guide and a growing CCC.  Ross owns his own business and helps people buy and sell homes throughout the area but he took time off from those pursuits and even donated to help this primary election project.

And we wish to thank Pastor Gibson, who has helped compile exactly this sort of “Voter Guide” in the past when he was a leader and was President of York County Action – and who has now carefully reviewed our work before giving his endorsement and recommendation to you about it.

All of this information is now easily available to you at the link

The most recent post is the result of the voting on May 5 by those who considered how the candidates answered our questions, and listened to their speeches.

The earlier (older) post is the top 10 questions and answers and the score we gave candidates (A is best, C is worst with D for “did not participate).  And the oldest of the three blog posts there are the FULL 5 page, 47 question survey returned to us by each candidate.

We don’t wish to belabor the point already made cogently and concisely by Dr. Gibson, but we do wish to reinforce what he says.  Pastor Gibson himself participated in the May 5 Candidate Forum and did his customary prayer – joined by all of us in the room – for ALL of the candidates who have offered you alternatives tomorrow.

Now it is important that you invest a little bit of time to learn about the candidates and determine which ones have expressed views that are closest to your own.

Of course, some candidates have directly attacked and criticized us for this survey, incredible as it may sound.

They have made phone calls, issued Facebook and email blasts at us and said that conservative Christians are naive for believing candidates who profess a faith in Jesus Christ.

Hilariously, some of the ones who denounce the naive Christians (as they call us) are the very ones who came before the May 5 Candidate Forum and said little or nothing about their own faith.  And they seem genuinely bewildered and confused as to why any voters would ask them such questions.

One dear Lady candidate in fact, even said that the Questionnaire was “too long” and irrelevant.

Happily, as you will see from looking over the Value Voters Guide, there were plenty of candidates who did NOT feel this way – in fact an earlier blog post headlines “9 Candidates Earn A from Christian Conservative Center.”  Count em, 9.  And note the word “earn.”  We did not “assign” anyone their score – they earned their score by how they answered – or refused to answer – the questions we asked.

The idea of asking questions of those running for office really seems to have made some candidates angry at worst, bewildered at best.  Or they have fluctuated between both positions, as evidenced by their Facebook posts expressing both anger and bewilderment.

We should only look at their past experience they say.  We should realize how “efficient and effective” they are, how well educated they are.  We call that e4 candidates.  They have little or nothing to say about their vision, the issues our country faces.

We have every right as conservative Christians to seek out candidates who are willing to speak out publicly about their faith, who are willing to be advocates for our philosophy, who will use their public positions to witness for what is right, true and good.

And those complaining candidates are SOOOO unhappy with the idea that some have rivals in this campaign, who actually speak to the issues of interest and concern of conservative Christians.

Some of these attacks even infer that there is something wrong with Pastor Gibson for leading a prayer for ALL of the candidates running because we should NOT be listening to their rivals for office who are just “telling you what you want to hear.”

Our very strongest advice to you about this election: don’t vote for anyone who attacks you for wanting to know how candidates stand on the issues of interest and concern to you.

Our very “favorite” tactic of the complainers, is when they complain about the negative tactics of their opponent, going on and on about how awful the OTHER candidate is, and how positive and good they are.  All of that complaining is their idea of a positive campaign?

We pray that you and other conservative Christians will find the information we have compiled for you to be helpful in deciding who to vote for today.

Vote your conscience but make sure you have an INFORMED conscience.

Once you have the information to help you choose, pray over it, make your choice and cast your vote.

And if you can help us pay the bills for this work, then we can be better prepared to do the work needed right after Primary Election day tomorrow, to research and prepare another Value Voters Guide for the November election.

Thank you for your interest, and God bless you.


The Editors

PS.  We call your attention to Sir Edmund Burke of the British House of Lords, who while the American revolution was being fought in 1776, defended the Americans seeking their freedom, saying, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.”  It was a very courageous thing to say for a British statesman in the midst of a war to suppress freedom.

Please help your community, your state and your country by voting wisely tomorrow, and consider a donation to help us pay the bills so we can get right back to work after Primary Election Day is over.  We will need to evaluate the new nominees of the Democratic and Republican Parties, ask them questions and report our findings.

Once again, we fear that there will be candidates who want your vote who will refuse to answer some of our questions, earning them a possible “C” rating.  Other candidates will not even return our Questionnaire, earning them a “D” rating.  And we hope and pray enough candidates win today in this primary, that there will be some “A” and “B” rated candidates so that you have alternatives to choose between.

But, we cannot begin work on the new Voter Guide until we have fully paid off the bills for the old.  Please help us.  Whether you can donate $15, $25, $50, $100 or even $250, $500 or $1,000, your donation will help us continue this work.  Donate HERE.  Thank you again.

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