Should Congressman Perry be “Statesman of the Year”?

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry to speak at CCC/YCA annual picnic Sat. July 15 and at annual breakfast Sat. Sept. 30.

Vote YES or NO for Congressman Scott Perry to be the next “Statesman of the Year” of York County Action and Conservative Christian Center.

Join Congressman Perry this Saturday at our annual Picnic in York, PA

Memorandum of Wed., 7/12/17

To:  Friends & Subscribers
From:  Ross Cleveland, South Central PA Coordinator,  Conservative Christian Center & in behalf of York County Action

Should Congressman Scott Perry be the next “Statesman of the Year” for York County Action and Conservative Christian Center?

Please mark your YES or your NO answer on the “Statesman of the Year Decision” Survey at our Eventbrite Page, HERE.

(In order to vote you must click the green TICKETS, go to where it says “VOTE – Should Congressman Scott Perry be “Statesman of the Year 2017” and change the “0” to a “1” then hit “checkout, fill the form out and at the bottom mark your choice, YES or NO.”  You do not need to donate or buy anything to vote).

Sat. July 15 Picnic Flyer.  Join us.

Meet Congressman Perry this Saturday

And please let me know if you can attend our annual picnic this Saturday, July 15 starting at 11 AM until 5 PM, in York, featuring Congressman Scott Perry to deliver keynote remarks.

(use the same Eventbrite Link to reserve your seats at the picnic HERE).

This year’s annual picnic, co-sponsored by York County Action and Conservative Christian Center, will be at Cousler Park, Pavilion C & D, 1060 Church Rd., York PA 17404.

This year’s picnic is also co-sponsored with New Americans by Choice and the Philippine American Heritage Council as a “Heritage Fiesta” theme.

You can find the flyer for the Heritage Fiesta HERE.

Perhaps it is easier for you to reserve your place for this Saturday’s annual picnic by email, RSVP to

We have invited all of the candidates who are on the ballot – Republican and Democrat – to mingle with those attending and to also take a few moments to speak.  (Info for speakers is HERE).

There will be music, burgers and hot dogs, drinks and ice and plenty more.  Don’t miss it.

Should we name Congressman Perry “Statesman of the Year”?

Our YCA and CCC Leadership will be meeting in two weeks to make the final decision about whether or not Congressman Scott Perry should be this year’s “Statesman of the Year.”

Because of your past support for our cause in and near York County PA we wanted to know your opinion about Congressman Perry before we decide.  Please tell us, YES or NO?

Past “Statesmen of the Year” include Congressman Lloyd Smucker, his former colleagues in the state legislature, Representatives Seth Grove and Will Tallman, and York County Commissioner Chris Reilly.

In this hectic election year where those who stand with President Donald Trump and with us conservatives are under the most vicious attacks by the left since the time of President Ronald Reagan, it takes courage, dedication and fortitude to stand up as a consistent conservative.

Congressman Perry has been a soldier, businessman, state legislator.  He has been our Congressman since 2012.

He has been willing to put his name and his life on the line for freedom.

He has had to cancel his most recent Town Hall gathering in Cumberland just several weeks ago after the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia of his fellow Republican Congressmen by a Bernie Sanders liberal-leftist crazy.

We hold liberal-left politicians, political leaders and their media allies directly responsible for the attempt to assassinate a dozen Republican Congressmen on a baseball field in Alexandria last month.

They really hate Congressman Perry, you and me

Whether it is the hateful, words of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, or the soft but equally reprehensible words of the more “mild” sounding Bernie Sanders, there’s no doubt about the hatred being whipped up against conservatives who support the conservative platform that Donald Trump campaigned on for President.

They literally accuse conservatives like Congressman Scott Perry of supporting legislation that would kill people in the starkest language in order to whip up their supporters and set new fundraising records.

They have their supporters so stirred up that many days in the last month the phone lines into Senator Pat Toomey’s office have been swamped and most of us who have called have been unable to even get through since the GOP Healthcare plan was announced.

Now without a doubt, the liberal-left’s top target in Pennsylvania is our own conservative Congressman, Scott Perry.

Congressman Perry is the top conservative in the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania and a top conservative in the entire House, according to Heritage Action for America in its rankings.

Congressman Perry is one of the top 25 Congressmen in the USA according to the online news source, Conservative Review.

Congressman Perry speaks out strongly on the issues of concern to his conservative constituents.  We never worry about where he stands – he votes his district, he votes his conscience, he is a conservative Congressman.

Because of his work, Congressman Perry is also a top target of the left, whose hatred is the direct cause of the recent attempt to assassinate a dozen Republican U.S. Congressmen in Alexandria.

Please help us decide

And so, I want you to vote on this “Statesman of the Year” nomination of Scott Perry.  You can also directly tell Congressman Perry that you voted to recommend him (if that’s how you feel) for this award at the annual picnic this Saturday, July 15.

And don’t forget to RSVP if you can attend the picnic.  For that, you should email or use the eventbrite RSVP form HERE.

I’d also like to ask you to “hold the date” for our annual fundraising breakfast of York County Action, joined this year by co-sponsor Conservative Christian Center – Saturday, September 30 at 8:30 AM at the County club of York, the same site as each year’s annual breakfast in the past.

Our confirmed keynote speaker at the September 30 breakfast is Congressman Scott Perry.

Finally, I need to ask for your financial support.

In fact, we have some bills to clear up before we can even focus on the upcoming election in November.

Standing Room Only Crowd at our May Candidate Forum

For the GOP primary this past May, we had a standing room only crowd at our “Candidate Forum” at the Wyndham Garden Hotel with keynote remarks by our evening Master of Ceremonies, the popular radio talk show host Gary Sutton.

We had 15 candidates speak to the gathering, and a secret ballot vote by attendees to “score” the candidates.

We also announced at this “Candidate Forum” the candidate’s answers to 10 of the 47 questions asked in a questionnaire sent to each of them by email and by regular mail and a rating for each based on their answers – from “A” (highest) to a “C” rating.

A “Values Voter Guide” was distributed from this information at churches and on primary election day in May.

Before we go forward to prepare the candidate questionnaire for the November election and invite all candidates to speak at our annual breakfast on Sept. 30, we first need to pay off the bills from our last event.

We made page 2 of the York Daily Record with this event and were mentioned several times on the radio talk show program of our keynote speaker and MC, Gary Sutton, for this past evening Candidate Forum.

And our “Heritage Fiesta” annual picnic with Congressman Scott Perry this Saturday, made it to page 3 of this week’s Community Courier newspaper.

With your help, I believe we can make an even bigger impact with our breakfast just before election day, 2017.

A New “Value Voters Guide” for November 2017 Election

With your help we can prepare a new “Value Voters Guide” to help turn out conservative minded, church going Christians to vote on election day in November, 2017 and to give them the information they need about candidates.

Conservative Christian Center publishes the York County Action e-newsletter and this e-newsletter, and a website.

Conservative Christian Center is the main funding source of the annual “Heritage Fiesta” picnic July 15, our biggest outreach effort of the year.

But we can only continue this work if we can pay the bills.  And that means we need to ask for your help or else we have to stop.

Please help us pay for the expenses of the meetings, news media releases, Facebook page promotion, candidate questionnaire, Voter Guide, e-newsletter.  If you won’t help, who will?  If you don’t help us now, we simply cannot continue.  Please make a donation today: 

Two York County Action Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Ken Gibson, Jay McKiernan, together with past YCA leaders Emy Delgaudio, Monica Seitz and Gina Myers were all present and accounted for at our last meeting, the “Candidate Forum” on May 5.  They were joined by new leaders who helped us organize this event such as Bob Cosgrove and Ron Wilcox.

Speaking on the “Salute to Jay McKiernan” video during the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement award for our past York County Action chairman were: U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker, Commissioner Bill Reilly, State Representatives Will Tallman and Seth Grove, York County Action Chairman Emeritus Ron Cohen plus a message from Senator Toomey.

All of them and a crowd that filled the meeting room to capacity and let the candidates speaking and the world know, conservative Christians are back and are as active as ever in York County.

We urgently need your help today

Now I need to know if you will join us in supporting this cause, in helping us pay the bills for this work, in helping us continue in 2017.

If you can donate $15 or $25 it will be a big help.  I’d especially be grateful if you can donate $50, $100 or even $250.

In recent months I’ve put a lot of volunteer time to this cause, and have written out donation checks and even a check for $500 as a loan to pay the postage stamps for this letter.

If you can donate as much as $500 or $1000 it will really help us increase the number of conservative, church going Christians who vote with an informed conscience on election day, Nov. 2017.  But any amount will be such a big help and I’d be so grateful to you.

When you vote at our Eventbrite Page HERE – YES or NO should Congressman Scott Perry be given our “Statesman of the Year” Award, please provide a donation also at the same time.  And let us know if you’ll join us this Saturday at the “Heritage Fiesta.”  Thank you and God bless you.




Ross Cleveland, South Central Coordinator,
Conservative Christian Center

P.S. I hope to see you July 15 at the annual picnic, and at our annual “Candidate Forum” breakfast where we will also announce our “Statesman of the Year” award winner, on Sept. 30, featuring keynote remarks by Congressman Scott Perry at the Country Club of York.  All candidates – Democrat and Republican – are also invited to speak.  Please help us pay the bills for all of this election year activity designed to increase the participation of conservative, Church going Christians in the November election.  Thank you again.


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