Heritage Fiesta at Community Courier Page Three Article

A splendid article by the Community Courier about the Heritage Fiesta on their page 3, read the entire article, click on image.

The Community Courier newspapers in York County have given our annual picnic, the Heritage Fiesta, their best coverage with a page three article – page one being reserved for their full page paying customers.

The Heritage Fiesta, originally founded by the Philippine American Heritage Council, was co-sponsored last year also at Cousler Park, by York County Action which is back for a second time this Saturday, joined by Conservative Christian Center.  New Americans by Choice is a second time co-sponsor.

Heritage Fiesta Flyer
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Here’s the article, popularly called a newspaper’s “second front page,” and we give a “tip of our hat” and thanks to The Community Courier for their consistent coverage of our annual picnic, year after year, this one being the biggest and the best article yet with the best placement yet and the most photos too.

Next year we should become a paying customer of The Community Courier by taking out a large ad, the best way to say “thank you” to a small community oriented newspaper like this.

Actually, we can thank them sooner than that if we have the donations we need to pay for a full page or “junior” page ad about the nomination of Congressman Scott Perry to be “Statesman of the Year” at the annual “Candidate Forum” and breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 30 at the Country Club of York.  Stay tuned for details.

And, we’d heard and seen reports that the York Daily Record is very biased against Congressman Scott Perry.  We had not formed an opinion on this either way, but we note they have completely ignored the Heritage Fiesta and our news media releases to them about the Heritage Fiesta this year, perhaps because our Congressman is the keynote speaker?

They’ve covered Heritage Fiesta in the past, and they did an excellent and professionally done article about the “Candidate Forum” of York County Action and Conservative Christian Center, with master of ceremonies Gary Sutton, in May just before the primary election.

We hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday, July 15 and we hope you enjoy The Community Courier article about this “Heritage Fiesta” annual picnic.

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