Why Christians Care for Israel Workshop after Saturday Bkfst

Saturday Breakfast with State and local Candidates for Judge, Statesman of the Year Keynote remarks by Congressman Scott Perry, to conclude with a prayer for candidates and public officials led by Dr. Ken Gibson, and then a free workshop

Pastor Ken Gibson (right) leads the traditional prayer for candidates and public officials at the end of the Candidate Forum on May 5 sponsored by Conservative Christian Center & York County Action. From L to R, the back of the head of Clyde Vedder, Julie Haertsch (partially covered), Bonner Smith, Judge Kathleen Prendergast, Laura Shue, Jonelle Harter Eschback, Master of Ceremonies Gary Sutton.

Why do Christians care for Israel?  A free workshop will be presented by Dr. Ken Gibson after the Conservative Christian Center/York County Action Breakfast event on Saturday, September 30 at the Country Club of York starting at 11:15 AM and ending by 11:45 AM.

  • Last call to Candidates: Value Voters Guide, Survey Questions sent by mail and by email, we are still missing some candidates who will earn a “D” rating for “did not participate” if we don’t have this faxed or emailed to us tonight before 9 PM, final extended deadline (our volunteers are doing layout right now).
  • Last call for Program Ads, send your art (PDF or JPG) or the words you want us to put on your page, to York@ConservativeChristianCenter.org tonight before 9 pm, final extended deadline (our volunteers are doing layout right now).
  • NEARLY last call … buy a ticket for the annual Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center and York County Action this Saturday, 8:30 AM.  $40 each, $75 (save $5) for a couple).  http://ScottPerryBreakfast.eventbrite.com
  • Proceeds from the Breakfast will be used to pay for the new Values Voter Guide with the ratings of candidates on the November 7, 2017 election ballot and the ratings (A down to D) to help persuade church-going people of faith to vote and to do so with an informed conscience.  Why not help us as a SPONSOR of this Breakfast – deadline if you wish to be listed in the program is 9 pm tonight.  Sponsor levels: platinum $1000, gold $500, silver $250 (all include 2 breakfast tickets), bronze $100 (no tickets).  http://ScottPerryBreakfast.eventbrite.com

The breakfast starts at 8:30 and ends at 11, and those who can stay may attend the free powerful powerpoint presentation on the Nation of Israel’s journey to become a nation which begins at 11:15 AM.  Those who do not attend the breakfast but wish to attend this free workshop are also welcome.

Dr. Kenneth R. Gibson, Founder and Director of Keystone Bible Institute, York, Pennsylvania will be the presenter.  Dr. Gibson, a former pastor, is a Chairman Emeritus of York County Action and an Advisor to Conservative Christian Center.  He traditionally does the blessing of candidates and public officials at the conclusion of the annual breakfast of York County Action.

Dr. Gibson has continued this tradition at the May 5 Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center and York County Action and will do so again at the September 30 annual breakfast.

According to Dr. Gibson, “the presentation will help those attending to gain a complete understanding of the past seventy years of the history of Israel and help the participant better understand why Christians care about Israel.

Israel lost its nation status in 586 B.C. and did not gain it back until May 1948.

Israel was granted statehood by the United Nations in 1948.  Israel is not only one of America’s greatest allies, but for the Christian, Israel has a very important place in Church history and prophecy.

Dr. Gibson will discuss the historical, theological, and prophetic context of Israel’s place in history.  You are invited to learn why the 70th year, May 2018, is important from a biblical perspective”.

Dr. Gibson holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, and has served for the past 45 years in pastoral ministry in Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  He has been the “prayer leader” for Action of PA for many years.

No advance registration is required to attend the workshop with Dr. Gibson on Saturday, which is expected to run from shortly after the breakfast ends, 11:15 AM until 11:45 AM.

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