What Ron Cohen says about Congressman Scott Perry

York County Action Chairman Emeritus and Conservative Christian Center Advisor Ron Cohen tells you about Congressman Scott Perry and the breakfast tomorrow morning honoring the new “Statesman of the Year”

A new video message by Ron Cohen, former Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds and long time Lancaster and York County Action leader and advisor, has a strong message about Congressman Scott Perry.  We urge all conservative, church-going Christians to watch the video.

CCC and YCA are co-sponsoring a Candidate Forum and Statesman of the Year breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8:30 AM at the County Club of York.  While deadlines for sponsorship and program ads are now closed, as are the opportunity for candidates to fill out the “Value Voters” survey questions (those who did not respond will be announced with a “D” rating) it is still possible to purchase a breakfast ticket to join the fun: http://ScottPerryBreakfast.eventbrite.com

A postcard mailing from Ron Cohen arrived in mailboxes of prospective supporters this week with a similar message.  The Chairman Emeritus of York County Action and advisor to Conservative Christian Center, said:

Message from Ron Cohen

Scott Perry is considered one of the top 25 conservative Congressmen in America.

That means our Congressman is frequently the number 1 target of the radical left, hate America machine, aided by their news media allies.

On September 30 you and I can do something to let Congressman (and General) Scott Perry—and York County citizens—know how much we appreciate him.  At our annual “Candidate Forum” breakfast to hear candidates for Judge and “row” office on the Nov. 7 election ballot (all invited) we will honor Scott Perry as “Statesman of the Year” at the Country Club of York.  Also in attendance:

State Senator Mike Regan, Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, candidates for Judge of Court of Common Pleas Clyde Vedder & Sandra Thompson, state judge candidate Craig Stedman, County Recorder of Deeds candidate Laura Shue.

Three Chairmen Emeritus of York County Action will also be there—Jay McKiernan, Pastor Ken Gibson and myself (Ron Cohen) as Breakfast Master of Ceremonies, all advisors to Conservative Christian Center.

9/30 breakfast (only $40), ScottPerryBreakfast.eventbrite.com.  Please join us.  Please support us.  Inquiries York@ConservativeChristianCenter.org.


(note: additional candidates for state and local office have since confirmed to attend, since this postcard went to the printer last week).

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