Message from Chairman Emeritus and CCC Adviser Jay McKiernan

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Candidate Forums, Cumberland Tues. Nite 10/ & York Saturday morning 10/19

Dear Subscriber,

Letter from Jay McKiernan – for this Saturday, October 19

If you like the job President Trump is doing, then you’re going to love this.  If you believe in limited government and traditional values, then read on.  You will want to be part of a big local event this Saturday, March 19.*

Much has been written of the three pillars of the conservative cause – and some say of the Republican Party.  You are surely familiar with this idea – that economic, defense and values oriented voters need to work together for the good of the Republic.

Because the “values voters” are so often put last, Conservative Christian Center (formerly York County ACTION) focuses attention on the fact that the Christian values of our founders are what made America great.  We especially look to see how effectively candidates for public office in Pennsylvania champion those values.

If you too are a “values voter”, then please RSVP by or before Thursday by clicking here and join us this Saturday, October 19, from 8 AM to 10:30 PM.

Those candidates who have an interest in appealing to the conservative-minded, church-going values voters of York County will be there or will send surrogates to speak to us and also to chat with you before and after the formal part of the event.

(signed) Jay McKiernan,

originally sent as York County ACTION Chairman (now CCC) on

January 25, 2012 (revised for 2019)


As we get set for twin Candidate Forums this Tuesday evening in Cumberland County and this Saturday morning in York County, we want to share news about Jay McKiernan, who many of our readers will recall, is a past chairman of York County ACTION, now the Conservative Christian Center, as well as an honored CCC Adviser. 

Jay has been battling the debilitating Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) for the past two and a half years.  We very much miss his leadership for our cause of influencing public policy and helping increase the number of conservative, church-going, value voters in elections.

We have reproduced the above letter we helped Jay McKiernan draft and distribute from 2012 inviting attendance to that year’s candidate forum. 

Very literally, we could not say it better, could not invite you better, than the way Jay McKiernan did in 2012, so here is his letter.  And further down, a recent post from his wonderful daughter, speaking for herself and Jay’s marvelous wife Debbie, about his current condition. 

Please join us in saying a prayer for Jay, his wife, his family. 

And we hope to see you this Tuesday evening or this coming Saturday morning for our annual Candidate Forum and in York, our Statesman of the Year Breakfast.  Early indications are that this will literally be a standing room only event (we will admit people to listen to the speakers but not have breakfast, if they try to reserve a free or a low cost breakfast ticket after we’ve sold out).


(Notes: * = minor changes made to update the Message from Jay McKiernan – especially swapping out the first paragraph referring to President Barack Obama for this new one referring to President Donald Trump. )

As always, CCC follows the tradition of York County ACTION of inviting and welcoming moderate Republicans, candidates who don’t want to talk about issues of interest to our group (ie. they are campaigning based on their achievements, not on their philosophy) and Democrats. 

Of the latter, there are usually two very different groups we welcome.  Some have a fairly good “A” or a “B” rating on our survey questionnaire sent to candidates.  Others might have a much lower “C” or “D” but welcome the chance to advocate for what they believe. 

Unlike a Republican club or meeting, our group welcomes all candidates who simply want to appeal for your vote in the election and share with you their philosophy or, if they don’t want to speak about that, then tell us why they think they are qualified and why they want your vote. 

We are sorry that the way we always welcome all candidates at our primary and general election candidate forums makes some Republicans so unhappy with us every year  We remind them that we have credibility as an independent group, for the simple reason, that we really ARE an independent group. 

We are amused to think that some of the Democrats who come to our meetings to speak to us and “meet and greet” before and after, probably get as much grief from some of their party activists, as we regularly get form some of the Republican Party activists.  We strongly urge our attendees at the Candidates Forum this Tuesday night in Cumberland and this Saturday morning in York County

Here’s the recent post at Jay’s website by his daugher Katelyn McKiernan (his wife is Debbie):

October 3rd holds a special place in my heart and will be forever! Happy World Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) to my dad and everyone else fighting this HORRIBLE disease. MSA is a RARE degenerative neurological condition. It has been 2.5 years since my dad was diagnosed. I have seen him start with walking normally, to walking with a walking stick, to walking with a rollator, to walking with a walker, to sometimes sitting in a wheelchair to get around. This disease will continue to attack his body. I do not wish MSA on anyone and surely wish my dad was a “normal” 53 almost 54 year old. If you feel moved to donate, please donate to The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition, that brings support and help to those battling this TERRIBLE DISEASE! Also, our family would appreciate the prayers and help if you can (spending time with dad (he enjoys it, even though he has trouble talking), helping care for dad, making meals, running errands, etc.). P.S. this picture of dad was on our vacation to Boston back in August where he conquered a set of stairs at Boston Commons while on the Freedom Trail.


Cumberland Candidate Forum

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Co-sponsored by Conservative Christian Center, Cumberland County ACTION, Cumberland 9/12 Project

6:30 to 9 PM, Carlisle Fire and Rescue

177 Carlisle Spring Road, Carlisle PA 17013

York County Candidate Forum

Saturday, October 19

Co-sponsored by Conservative Christian Center (Emy Delgaudio) and York County ACTION

8 AM to 10:30 PM, Country Club of York,

1400 Country Club Road, York, PA 17403

Note: for the 10/19 breakfast, candidates are welcome to (a) send a surrogate if they cannot attend, or (b) just speak and leave (no breakfast) pls let us know in advance, or (c) have a literature booth only or (d) just do the “meet and greet” before the event begins or after it ends. Let us know. Reminder: we cannot donate the cost of breakfast to candidates or their campaign staff.

* P.S. Yes we do know that the plural of Forum, is not Forums but is Fora.  But even the spell check of your word for windows doesn’t recognize that word – it changes it to For a if you try to type Fora.  So, we’ll stick to plain English

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