Liberals Fight Dirty by Branding Unplanned Movie as “R”

Flyer (8 1/2 by 11) for the movie Unplanned, Movie Night 3/30 with Conservative Christian Center in York, PA (click on flyer to see full size)

Conservative Christian Center Denounces Hollywood Movie Industry and Urges You to watch UNPLANNED this weekend with us

Conservative Christian Center denounced the Motion Picture Association of America for branding the strongly anti-abortion movie UNPLANNED with an “R” rating.  This rating is clearly aimed at suppressing Church-going Americans from watching this movie, made by the same faith-based film studio that made PG-rated box office hits like God’s Not Dead 2 and The Case for Christ.

The Hollywood Reporter says the rating is due to a seriesof graphic abortion scenes – which is what caused the defection from being an abortion mill director to an outspoken abortion foe.

“A 15-year old girl can get an abortion without her parent’s permission but she can’t see this movie without adult supervision?,” company executive Ken Rather told the Reporter. “That’s sad.”

One of the major projects of the Conservative Christian Center is to review and help promote movies like Unplanned, which is showing in York’s West Manchester shopping mall starting this weekend.

Click on the above flyer for details about the suggested “triple play” outing tonight (Sat. 3/30) – with suggested browsing or shopping at local faith-friendly retail stores Hobby Lobby (at the West Manchester shopping mall near the movie theater), Chik fil-A for dinner (nearby on Rt. 30, 5 minutes from the movie theater) and then the movie at 7:20 PM at the mall).

Conservative Christian Center asks for volunteers among its readers for the “home movie night social” project.  If you can host 6 to 10 people at your home we’d like to have a viewing of a faith-friendly movie of your choice.  We’ll invite our readership to your home without giving out your home address.  Readers will only be told of the area of York that the movie is showing, and given our email to respond to.  We’ll respond to the first readers who write by giving them your address, up to the number of guests you have seating for (we can also bring folding chairs if needed).  You can provide the movie if you have one, or we can bring the movie from our library of conservative, Christian films (your choice which movie). 

We are also looking for who can help us recruit new subscribers by handing out free UNPLANNED THE MOVIE bookmarks with a recruiting message on the flip side of the attractive, full color bookmark.  The movie is expected to play for at least one week at the West Manchester movie theater and we’d love to have enough volunteers that we can hand out free bookmark souvenirs to everyone attending.  We can only do this with your help.  Please, volunteer to help Conservative Christian Center grow.

Whether you want to just let us know you’ll be there with us on Saturday night (let us know, starting when – Hobby Lobby, Chik fil-A or only the movie), or you can volunteer to hand out bookmarks at one or more movie showings this week, or you want to host a home-Movie night, please write to

The Hollywood movie industry doesn’t want you to see UNPLANNED.  Strike back by watching this first weekend, promote the movie by forwarding this message, help us with the bookmarks, and consider a donation to help pay for our work.  Conservative Christian Center relies on donations and volunteers.  Please help.

Julie Haertsch, the CCC member who is running in the GOP primary for York County Clerk of the Court (to run the 40 person office that supports the Court of Common Pleas) will be on hand for the “triple play Night at the Movies” and we hope you can support her and CCC leaders who will be present.

If you don’t like Hollywood movies which are so often propaganda for liberal values then you need to support movies like UNPLANNED and stand with Conservative Christian Center.

Bring tissues. 

Early reports from movie watchers is that this movie provokes a very strong emotional response.  No wonder the Hollywood movie industry is playing dirty by branding it with an “R” rating.

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