Let There be Light Movie Commended

Conservative Christian Center Urges you to join us Saturday Night Nov. 11 to watch at North Hanover Mall with Hobby Lobby & Chick-fil-A visits

The Program Director of York County Conservative Christian Center, Monica Seitz, together with the CCC Board Chairman will lead a team from York County to watch the movie, Let There Be Light, today, Saturday. November 11 at Hanover Movie 16, 380 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover, PA 17331 at 6:55pm.  Subscribers, members and friends are invited to join us.  Watch movie trailer above or HERE.

The CCC team plans to meet at Hanover Mall and visit a Hobby Lobby arts and crafts store at 4:00pm, then have a meal at the nearby Chick-fil-A at 5:00pm before heading out to watch the movie, departing the restaurant at 6:30 PM.

Hobby Lobby – 4 PM
Chick-fil-A – 5:30 PM
Hanover Movie 16 – 6:45 PM

Let There be Light, the new, family-friendly, pro-Christian movie produced by conservative Fox TV commentator Sean Hannity that was released on October 27, has made more than $4.5 million after just two weekends and has expanded from 300 movie theaters to now over 800 movie theaters including for the first time two within easy driving range of York County PA.  The movie has received a Commendation from Conservative Christian Center, whose board approved the recommendation by Program Director Monica Seitz, more info at their website HERE.  For other showtimes and theaters HERE.

Kevin Sorbo, the main character and director of this movie, also starred in another Christian movie, God’s Not Dead 1, in 2014, which ranked 8th all-time in box office for Christian movies, ending up with domestic box office receipts of $60.7 million.  Sorbo was the director of the followup movie, God’s Not Dead 2.  These two movies were the first in the new series of Recommended movies by Conservative Christian Center in York County (see previous article at this site).

“His wife, Sam Sorbo, got the story idea for Let There Be Light and co-wrote it with producer Dan Gordon, who was the screenwriter for the Denzel Washington movie Hurricane.”

“The story revolves around Kevin Sorbo’s character, Dr. Sol Harkans, the world’s most famous atheist and a bestselling author.  He’s a lonely alcoholic who hasn’t been able to cope with the death of his son, and finally turns to his ex-wife, a woman of faith, after a near-death experience that begins to change his life.

“The movie is set in New York and Connecticut, but most of the scenes for both those locations were shot in Birmingham.”  (quoted from the article HERE).

“For its intended audience, Let There Be Light should prove an involving bonanza of conservative, Christian-centric ideals, mores and speechifying.” (according to Gary Goldstein, L.A. Times).

Why Hobby Lobby?

From the Hobby Lobby website:

The Supreme Court granted a landmark victory for religious liberty this morning, ruling that individuals do not lose their religious freedom when they open a family business.  The court ruled 5-4 in favor of David and Barbara Green and their family business, Hobby Lobby ruling they do not have to violate their faith or pay severe fines.

At issue in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (previously Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores), is the Health and Human Service (HHS) Mandate which would have required David and Barbara Green and their family business Hobby Lobby to

provide and facilitate four potentially life-terminating drugs and devices in their health insurance plan, against their religious convictions, or pay severe fines. The Greens argued that the mandate substantially burdened their religious beliefs in violation of a federal law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The decision also has important implications for over 50 pending lawsuits brought by non-profit religious organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, which are also challenging the mandate.

Hobby Lobby – Meet us at 4 PM.  Chain carrying a variety of arts & crafts materials, plus party supplies, fabric & home-decor items.  111 Wilson Ave #3, Hanover, PA 17331.

Why Chick-fil-A?

From the Atlantic Magazine, this explains why we chose Chick-fil-A for dinner on Saturday night at the North Haven Mall: “Since he opened his first chicken-sandwich stand in an Atlanta mall in 1967, (Truet) Cathy openly incorporated Christianity into his business, from putting Bible quotes on the styrofoam sweet-tea cups to closing the entire chain on Sundays.

Chick-fil-A – meet us at 5 or 5:30 PM (CCC leaders will be there at 5 PM, and leave to go to the movie very close by, at 6:30 PM).  Fast-food chain serving chicken sandwiches, strips & nuggets along with salads & sides.  340 Eisenhower Dr, Hanover, PA 17331.

Hanover Movie 16 – meet us at 6:45 PM – 380 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover, PA 17331.  Movie starts at 6:55pm.

(all three are within a “stone’s throw” of each other at/next to the North Hanover Shopping Mall).

Conservative Christian Center has begun a new Movie Project to promote family friendly, pro-Christian and patriotic movies.  Some will be shown at private residences (which do not require any royalty payment).  Some will be like this, where a group of us will go to the movie and we will invite you to either join us or else watch the movie later on your own.  And in the future we aim to pay the royalty to the movie producer and put on our own local, public showing of a popular movie.  You can support this work by joining as a member ($25 for individual, $30 for a couple) and/or by sending your donation:

Conservative Christian Center
Freedom Center * 2159 White Street, Suite 3-149, York PA 17404

To join the working group helping us put on future events: York@ConservativeChristianCenter.org.

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