Judge and Jury in Paul Manafort case threatened

President Trump Expresses Sympathy for Former Campaign Chief

(by Glenn C. Ryt) President Donald Trump said the trial of his former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, is “very sad” while word leaked out on Friday as the jurors went home for the weekend, to resume deliberation for a verdict on Monday, that death threats have been directed at them and (surprise!) they feel very threatened.  The Judge, refusing to release their names and home addresses to the news media demanding it, said he himself had also received “threats.”

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Although not one single one of the few media sources which reported these threats flat out said so, it should be obvious that the threats to the life of the Judge and the Jury were not sent by conservatives demanding a “not guilty” verdict for Paul Manafort.

Instead, all but liars and fools who see these media reports know the truth: these death threats at the Judge and Jury are part of the continued hysteria directed at President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The mentality of a crazed and bloodthirsty lynch mob, led by the liberal left and a hateful “fake media” giving them millions of dollars of free promotional anti-Trump campaign help, should be evident.

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The corruption of a justice system which covered up for the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators and which has attempted to frame Donald Trump and his campaign and reverse the outcome of the 2016 election, is now apparent in the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

With Sean Hannity reporting this past week that there is a 95% chance of a “guilty” verdict because all federal cases are heavily weighted in favor of the prosecution, regardless of guilt or innocence, we await the verdict expected in the Paul Manafort case after 14 days of trial.  This post is to ask you Dear Reader, to join in prayer for a NOT GUILTY verdict by the jury, not as a favor to Paul Manafort but as the only way that the corruption of prosecutor Robert Mueller, his anti-Trump lawyer team of Democrat character assassins  and his allies of the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI, can be thwarted.

More on this has been forwarded to me posted at the Young Americans for Freedom “Archive,” an informal and unofficial association of alumni of the nation’s oldest and largest conservative youth group, many of whom are 50 year veterans of the cause (this is NOT on the internet but is a member only, moderated group only for YAF alumni.  The writer, below, is one of the senior members of the group, a “YAF50+” veteran from the 1960’s).

(note: Pat Nolan, referred to in the following, is a senior YAF alumni who was the GOP California State House leader until he was framed in what National Review called the nation’s first “retroactive bribary” case, a string operation by what is now known to be a sometimes very corrupt FBI. 

(They claimed that his voting for a tax break for inner city districts, long advocated by Congressman Jack Kemp and supported by all California legislators, only had his support because one year after his vote for it, he accepted two perfectly legal $5,000 donations by FBI agents posing as donors happy with his vote.  Yes, his vote, one year earlier.  In the context of what we have learned about political prosecutions at the FBI and the Dept. of Justice it should no longer be a surprise that this could happen. 

(The prosecution knocked Pat Nolan out of California politics and stopped the surge of Republicans on the road to a House majority.  They never recovered.  Pat served several years in prison and after his release served some years as Executive Director of Prison Fellowship).

(8/18/18) Paul Manafort: Let us pray he goes free.

I hope and am praying that the jury chooses NOT GUILTY as their verdict and lets Paul Manafort walk free.

I am no fan of his.  I have never had any dealings with him nor met him.  As a Ted Cruz primary supporter, I will admit I didn’t much like his work at the GOP convention to make sure my candidate was suppressed at the convention and that it stayed a totally Trump convention.  No one has ever accused me of writing or saying a nice word about Paul Manafort in my life, and I’ve known his name since 1976 so that’s more than 40 years.  I’m motivated to write this because of love of my country and my cause, not of Paul Manafort.

I recall his name with the old Black, Manafort and Stone company, where I knew Charlie Black as a former YAF director of state and chapter services in the early 1970’s when I was a YAF chapter chairman, Roger Stone as the fellow who appointed me as a fieldman reporting to him as 1976 Youth for Reagan campaign chairman.  I recall that 2 of the three partners (Stone and Black) together with Terry Dolan, formed the first major conservative PAC – National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC, which I later was an instructor for at some of their seminars) and I recall wondering if their partner Manafort was involved with NCPAC too (yes 40+ years ago).

I know Manafort appears to have been involved in business dealings that had nothing to do with the conservative cause.  I don’t have any issue with someone trying to make a lot of money and I understand he was successful at it.  Extensive reporting has revealed that he owns many business suits, each of which cost more than 3 of my business suits.

Of course, anyone involved in “lobbying,” which is what I understand Paul did for some foreign governments, will have the image of being involved in shady business dealings.  Some part of his current bad PR is surely as a result of that.

But lets face the facts.  The major problem for Paul Manafort is that he worked, however briefly, for Donald Trump. And the media is going on and on, month after month after month, as if he is guilty of something.

During his tenure for Trump, his job was to make sure that Senator Cruz lost and that Trump won.

While that doesn’t make me happy, what REALLY makes me angry, is how the liberal-left and their media allies have targeted Paul Manafort because of their hatred of Donald Trump.

The simple truth is that we have a terribly corrupt Justice System, when a Paul Manafort can be victimized like this, because he worked for the candidate who actually won the election, apparently, for a conservative, an unforgivable crime.

The criminal case against him, lets keep in mind, is totally unrelated to what the mandate is supposed to be for the special persecutor – Russian collusion by Trump and Trump’s campaign.

This very much reminds me of what attorney Bruce Fein said was the problem with their going after Oliver North many years ago – it was like Alice in Wonderland, verdict first, trial second.  They didn’t know what Oliver North did wrong, but they were determined to find something, anything, and pin it on him.

Does anyone in this forum recall what corrupt and even EVIL characater in history said, “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”?  That was Joe Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrentiy Beria.  The version of Beria in America today is obviously Robert Mueller and his all Democrat team of government paid character assassins posing as attorneys.

What they are doing with Paul Manafort, lets recall, is what could happen to anyone in this forum.  You just need to go over every tax return going back year after year, find a mistake and presto, you too, might wind up in solitary confinement and so unpopular that virtually no one in America will say a kind word about you.

But today I heard on the news, a profile in courage that many (most?) of you here may have missed, and which of course, won’t matter to Trump haters and never Trumpers (pardon the redundency).

President Trump actually had a kind word to say for Paul Manafort, despite how unpopular he surely knew it would be, despite the 95% odds for conviction.

In case you missed it let me repeat: as Sean Hannity reported last week, federal cases have a 90 to 95% chance of convictions.  Nice system, if you think anytime someone is accused of a crime, he must have done it.

Thankfully, the founders saw the problem that so many in America today appear to have forgotten and which Pat Nolan is certainly an expert on.  When you are accused of a crime, you have the full weight and power of the government arrayed against you and most will assume you must be guilty.

That’s the reason Pat “took a plea” – because otherwise the odds were, despite his innocence, he would not have seen his children grow up and would be gone for many, many years.

So, while Paul Manafort is no dedicated Pat Nolan, he just like Pat, is a target of the left, a victim of corruption.

So, perhaps this short essay is spitting into the wind.  But I want to be on record most strongly, favoring and praying for a jury NOT GUILTY verdict.

I want to be on record thanking God for an independent judiciary and a jury system which MAY sometimes act as a check and as a brake on what is sometimes sheer corruption in the prosecution – especially the political prosecution – of individuals targeted because of their being conservative.

It is an opportune time to tell you, I told you so.

I said if Barack Obama were elected (and then I repeated it for his reelection campaign) as President, then in the future, at some point, we will see the justice system weaponized against us conservatives.

We saw with Louis Lerner’s use of IRS to slow down, delay and reject conservative groups AND HER CRIMINAL REFERRAL of some of those cases to Obama’s very political DOJ.

We saw this with the political persecution of Pat Nolan.

We have seen the way that FBI and DOJ have gone after the Trump campaign and then President Trump at the very highest levels.

And we are seeing the politicizing of the justice system in their phony case against Paul Manafort, a case which should have been a simple IRS audit of his tax returns.

But even there… Wayne Thorburn’s unpublished chapter in his book reports how Democrat President Lyndon Johnson wanted to use the IRS to go after large donors to YAF and ACU at their very start, to dissuade large donors.

Why would we of the YAF alumni, the YAFers who have been around awhile, sit passively during a political trial like this?

Thank God for the fact that the founders created a system which makes possible “jury nullificaiton,” where a jury can say WE DON’T CARE what you may have proven, we don’t like this corruption by the government and you cannot stop us from rejecting it by saying NOT GUILTY.

Pray for Not Guilty.  Not as a favor to Paul Manafort.  But if you value a justice system free of corruption, if you favor a rebuke to Robert Mueller.

And as a few in this forum know, I too was once (actually three times total) in the defendant docket and under attack.  I too, had people think I must have been guilty of something.  Years after the first of those cases was over, I stood before CPAC to give a YAF alumni, one of my attorneys, the first “Freedom Legal Defender” award at the Friday night CPAC awards banquet, in behalf of the co-sponsoring organizations of CPAC, as a small thanks for his help in my first case.  I said, quoting Winston Churchill, “there’s nothing so exhilarating in life, as to be shot at without result.”

I pray that a NOT GUILTY verdict tomorrow, will enable Paul Manafort to use the same citation, and to strike a blow against Beriazing our justice system.  Join me in prayer for this outcome.  I ask this result in the name of Jesus Christ.

(the following, was sent in response, by another YAF alumni, same date).

There has to be a few jurors aware of the railroading of a family member, friend or colleague in the criminal justice system.

Yep. Manafort not guilty.

Or guilty of a parking ticket, clerical error.

Followed by a Presidential commutation of a sentence.

If you trust the government, the role of a good citizen is to say something.

Let’s return trust by cleaning up the stables at DOJ/FBI.

Send FBI agents to civics classes–politics is not a Mafia enterprise.

Fundraising is very seldom bribery or extortion.

Nobody registers or is prosecuted for a practically dead statute, Foreign Agents Registration Act, FARA. ( I have listed hundreds of names of persons acting as agents of North Vietnam and China in my books on those subjects. Most without KGB pension plans.).

FEC violations are resolved by fines. I paid $500 for failing to print “Paid for by Roger Canfield for Congress” on a sign advocating for Canfield for Congress. WSJ thought the fine was stupid.

Most IRS disputes are resolved by negotiations.

Manafort may have committed serious crimes, but he is being prosecuted for his relationship to Trump.  That is extortion. That is the Beria criterion “Show me the man. I’ll show you the crime.” Witch hunts, fishing expeditions start with similar presumptions.

(and another YAF alumni also replied, same date)

Well said. Dittos.

(this post by Glenn Ryt is reprinted with permission.  He writes on coalition-conservative issues and welcomes new friends on Facebook).

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