Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Scott Perry Confirm for Sept. 26 DC Rally

Conservative Christian Center Joins Coalition pushing to Confirm Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, Jordan for House Speaker with a “rally for the Republic” in Washington DC on Sept. 26 with Senator Ted Cruz, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Dave Brat, Scott Perry

Conservative Christian Center announced that United States Senator Rand Paul has confirmed as an additional speaker at the Washington, DC rally on Wednesday, September 26 to call on Senators to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and for GOP House Members to elect Congressman Jim Jordan as House Speaker.

In addition, Conservative Christian Center announced that U.S. Congressman Scott Perry has confirmed to speak to those returning to south central Pennsylvania after they have boarded their buses at the national capitol at 3 PM after the rally and their busy day visiting their two U.S. Senators and several Congressmen at their offices.

Other speakers at the rally, to be held on the West Lawn across from the U.S. Senate’s 2 office buildings, include: Senator Ted Cruz, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Dave Brat.  The rally is being organized in Washington, DC by a coalition of conservative organizations led by FreedomWorks.

9/26 “Rally for Kavanagh-Jordan in Washington, DC
Flyer HERE   Register for free bus ride HERE
Website for PA “Rally for the Republic HERE
10/6 “Statesman of the Year” and Candidate Forum
at Country Club of York, 8:30 AM, early bird discount tickets HERE
Award Nominee Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill.
Remarks by last year’s Award winner, Congressman Scott Perry

There are four tentative pickup points for conservatives in south central PA who would like a ride on the free bus, which includes free lunch in DC.  The free ride required advance registration, HERE.

The bus pickup points are:

7:30 AM board bus in York PA at Red Robin Burgers at Galleria Mall, 1500 Mt. Zion Rd., York, PA 17402, (just off Rt. 30, near I-83)

7:30 AM board bus in Cumberland, PA next to Santander Bank, Camp Hill Shopping Center, 168 S. 32nd St., Camp Hill, PA, at intersection Rt. 11/581.

7 AM board bus in Lancaster, PA at Calvery Church, 1051 Landis Valley Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601, at the barn in back of the parking lot.

7 AM board bus in Berks-Lebanon, PA, Lebanon Valley Mall off Rt. 422., 2231 LebanonValley Mall, Lebanon PA 17042, Near Boscov’s.

Organizations which are actively supporting and helping fill one or more buses in south central PA include York County Conservative Christian Center, York County Action, Lancaster County Action, Cumberland County 912 Project.  There has also been support from members of Berks County and Lebanon County 912 Projects.

The event in Washington will begin with a 2 hour rally at the U.S. Capitol West Lawn, on East Capitol St., NE and First St., NW, Washington DC.

At 1 PM the large crowd will break into smaller groups which will go across the street to visit U.S.  Senators.  The PA delegation will visit Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D) who is up for reelection this year, and Senator Pat Toomey (R).  FreedomWorks tells us that they anticipate many U.S. Senators, alerted to the pending visitors, will meet the groups in person.

After the visits to the two Senators the small groups will walk four blocks past the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court, to the House Office Buildings, where they will visit from 2 to 4 Republican Congressmen from Pennsylvania to ask them to choose Congressman Jim Jordan as the next House Speaker to replace departing Congressman Paul Ryan.

Click on the image to visit the website

We hope all conservatives in south central PA will consider taking a day off to join us on this trip.  Why?

First, the U.S. Supreme Court battle is now.  If we work on other things including focusing only on election campaign chores as some have suggested, it is tantamount to saying it just doesn’t matter who controls the U.S. Supreme Court.  The liberal-left has mobilized the largest hate campaign in U.S. history to persuade Senators to voter NO on President Donald Trump’s 2nd Supreme Court choice.  If you don’t join us in Washington and he loses, it will be for one simple reason: we didn’t match the numbers of the left, and we lost several Senators who voted with Chuck Schumer to delay or block.

Second, the choice of a GOP leader is critical, because it determines whether the House will play a leadership role in supporting President Trump in the future?  Many conservatives have complained that Congress hasn’t done enough to support the conservative agenda of President Trump and to deliver on the promsies made in past campaigns.  Here’s our opportunity to have a strong conservative leading the House.

Why now?

FreedomWorks National Vice President Noah Wall spoke to a conference call of south central PA leaders supporting the September 26.  The leadership council of “rallyPA” listened to him explain that surveys done by FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots of their hundreds of thousands of nationwide supporters, indicate that these are the two most unifying issues for conservatives for this upcoming election – Kavanaugh for Supreme Court and Jordan for House leader.

In fact, Vice President Wall told the group that 99.2% of supporters of conservative groups want Jim Jordan as the new House Speaker because he would give them confidence that Republicans are going to keep their campaign promises.

At a time where the Democrats have a 15 percentage point “enthusiasm” advantage according to national opinion polls, there is one very effective way that Republicans can close that gap.  Make clear that they will choose Jim Jordan as their Speaker, and confirm Judge Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

The “enthusiasm” factor is the most critical predictor of future voter turnout.  There are several race here in Pennsylvania.  Republican nominee Lou Barletta is challenging incumbent Senator, liberal Democrat Bob Casey, Jr.  York County’s former State Senator Scott Wagner is challenging incumbent Governor Tom Wolf.

And in York and Cumberland counties, conservative Congressman Scott Perry is challenged by Democrat George Scott.  In York County, Statesman of the Year Award nominee Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, is facing off against Democrat Judith Higgins for the State Senate seat vacated by Scott Wagner as he runs for Governor.

Ordinarily the reelection of Scott Perry ought to be a foregone conclusion since he won by such a large margin last time.  But the Democrat dominated Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, ignoring the state Constitution which requires the legislature to draw district lines, threw out the district boundaries drawn by the Republican legislature.

The new district saw the removal of a large number of precincts which had voted for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.  These precincts were replaced by districts that had voted for Hillary Clinton.  The district is now within range by the well funded Democrat.

The Democrats need to take away Scott Perry’s seat and 22 others to put Nancy Pelosi back as the House Speaker.  Perry’s loss would be catastrophic for the conservative cause.  He has been an enthusiastic and outspoken member of the House Freedom Caucus and was rated 96% perfect by Heritage Action, making him the top conservative Congressman for Pennsylvania and one of the best in the United States.

For those who think that campaigns are merely a matter of which side does the mechanical task of turning out voters best, they miss a very critically important detail.  The party with a candidate only getting 45% according to George Gallup, can end up winning the election by turning out 70% of their voters while their “majority” opponent only turns out 60%.  Enthusiastic voters always settle close races.

That’s why the “Rally for the Republic” as it is being billed, is so critical for success in the 2018 mid term elections.

Those in Pennylvania who want to win in November should be focused with laser precision on one major question: what are the issues that get their people excited to work harder, to donate, and to turn out to vote?

The Democrats understand this, which is why they have a 15 percentage point advantage over Republicans at this point in the campaign.  Will the Republicans wise up and focus on Kavanaugh-Jordan, their top two issues to attract more enthusiasm to win?

FreedomWorks Natinal Vice President Noah Wall also reported to the rallyPA leadership group conference call this past Friday, that voters in the center were most likely to vote Republican based on the two issues of the rally – Kavanaugh for Supreme Court and Jordan as GOP House Leader.

The enthusiasm for Jim Jordan was based on the range of issues he has spoken out on, and the credibility he has to make sure that a GOP House would keep its promises and support Donald Trump.

The Conservative Christian Center South Central PA Coordinator, Ross Cleveland, a member of the rallyPA Leadership Council, said “those who want conservatives working for, donating to and voting for GOP candidates, should focus on helping President Trump deliver on his Supreme Court campaign promise by helping to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  T

GOP leaders who truly want to win in 2018, should build enthusiasm for our Sept. 26 ‘rally for the Republic” in DC.

They should eliminate the enthusiasm gap and catch up to the Democrats, by coming out strong for the top two issues of interest to conservative, church-going Christians, Kavanaugh-Jordan.”

One Republican leader who understands “enthusiasm” is President Donald Trump.  None of the “regular” establishment Republicans ever did understand the enthusiastic outpouring of fired up conservatives attending his campaign rallies.  The enthusiasm he built won him Pennsylvania and other key battleground states, and the Presidency.

President Trump can use our help to build enthusiasm, so we hope Dear Reader, you will join us on Sept. 26 for a free ride to Washington DC and then again at our breakfast to honor our “Statesman of the Year” and to listen to those running for office at the Candidate Forum.

For information or questions about the bus ride to DC on 9/26, you can write

Media inquiries are welcome, with Ross Cleveland being available for short radio interviews, such as one scheduled this coming Friday.

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