Conservative Christian Center Wants You Sept 26 and Oct.6

Sept. 26 “Rally for the Republic to push Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, Jim Jordan for House Speaker, will you be on the free bus for this day trip?

October 6 Annual “Statesman of the Year” breakfast and candidate forum early bird discount tickets to expire, will you be there this year with Congressman Scott Perry and State Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill?

Breaking news.  We’ve been reaching out to conservative groups in PA.  As of our first deadline (today) it is clear that we will have a York, PA bus to the “Rally for the Republic” on Wed., Sept. 26, and possibly, a second bus to make stops in Mechanicsburg and then possibly on through Gettysburg and to DC via Rt. 15.  Other conservative groups have all asked for more time and we have relayed their request to FreedomWorks in Washington.  But how about you dear reader, will you be there with us on Sept. 26?

We also want to remind you about the annual Candidate Forum and “Statesman of the Year” Breakfast on October 6, where Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill has been nominated to receive the award.  Last year’s award winner, Congressman Scott Perry, has confirmed to speak along with Rep. Phillips-Hill.

This bulletin is a reminder that we need to hear from you on both of these activities.  And we are pleased to release the CCC local/York version of the Sept. 26 DC trip flyer, click on image above or for full size PDF click HERE.

Can you make a commitment right now to join us for this free “day trip” to Washington, DC on Sept. 26 to attend the rally with Senator Ted Cruz, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Dave Brat?  Congressman Scott Perry has been invited to give the “thank you and farewell” message on the bus as it prepared to depart for the return trip at 3 PM.

To confirm your seat on the bus write

To get the big early bird discount for the annual breakfast visit HERE.

We urgently need the funds from early bird purchases to pay the big deposit to Country Club of York this month so, once that’s done, your chance of an early bird discount is gone.  You can reserve 1 ticket, or get a discount for a couple, or buy a table, take out an ad in the Program Journal, or become a Host Committee Member.  Visit the Eventbrite page to choose.

You can click on the flyer image to get the full size PDF.  Feel free to print a few copies to hand out to friends – we need to fill 1 or 2 buses for this trip to DC.

We’ll also be lobbying Congressmen to urge them to choose Congressman Jim Jordan as House leader and hopefully, if the GOP retains a majority, House Speaker.

If you missed it check the story:

The annual Breakfast on Oct. 6 HERE

The “Rally for the Republic” on Sept. 26 HERE

You may also visit the Breakfast Eventbrite page to make a badly needed donation to help pay the expenses of this activity.  We are hoping for your support to pay for Facebook advertising to reach people who have already identified themselves as sympathetic to our cause.

Whether you’ll be with us on October 6 for breakfast or can join us for a free “day trip” on Sept. 26 we hope to hear back from you.



P.S. Pray for our success as if it were up to God.  Act as if it were up to you.  Please let us know if you will be with us on Sept. 26 and again on Oct. 6.  Please don’t be one of those Christians who just goes to church while Rome burns all around you.  Here’s your chance to have an impact on public policy.

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