Congressman Perry Sat. Breakfast Moves to a larger room

Congressman Scott Perry to be awarded “Statesman of the Year” award of Conservative Christian Center & York County Action this Saturday, to be praised by Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, and past Statesman of the Year Rep. Will Tallman.

Candidate Forum and Statesman of the Year Breakfast this Saturday overflow crowd moves event to larger Country Club of York Grand Ballroom

Speakers Confirm: Congressman Scott Perry, State Representatives Will Tallman and Kristine Phillips-Hill, York Judge Candidates Clyde Vedder, Sandra Thompson, Candidates for State Judge Christine Fizanno Cannon, Craig Stedman and Recorder of Deeds Candidate Laura Shue

With a 3 days countdown to the annual Candidate Forum this Saturday morning featuring keynote remarks by Congressman Scott Perry and candidates on the November 7 ballot, the event has had to be moved out of the Terrace Room and into the larger Grand Ballroom to accommodate larger ticket sales than originally anticipated (but welcome!).

We are getting last minute requests from Candidates to speak – an entire segment is devoted to those on the ballot, write for your time-slot if you are a Dem/Rep candidate (a table is set aside for your campaign literature).

We again call on candidates to fill out the Candidate Survey so we can share your answers with breakfast attendees plus our subscribers via e-newsletter, website and Facebook page, and the Value Voters Survey brochure to be given out to voters at churches during the final two weeks before election day and at polling places, to view and/or download (PDF) the questions so you can fax or email your answers back to us go HERE.

In the event that we do not receive the new and simplified General Election survey we will use the Candidate Survey we received in May, which resulted in many candidates receiving a “C” rating.

One candidate who had earned a “C” rating in May mainly for not answering many of the questions, this time sent in her answers to the new Candidate Survey and now earns an “A” rating.  The ratings for all candidates will be announced at the Saturday breakfast.

If you wish to offer your greetings to Congressman Scott Perry and our breakfast attendees via a Program Advertisement (full page $125, half page $75, quarter page $40) go HERE.  Deadline Thursday, 9/28 at 12 noon.  You will still need to email your PDF or JPG of the ad to before 12 noon this Thursday.

To be listed as a SPONSOR (Platinum $1000, Gold $500, Silver $250, Bronze $100 – all but the last one includes 2 breakfast tickets) which enables us to print the Value Voters Survey for the November 7 election, click HERE.

To buy a breakfast ticket ($40 each), a couple ($75, save $5) or a table ($280 pay for 7 tickets get the 8th free), HERE.

All three of the past Chairmen of York County Action will be present for this breakfast for the first time in 2 years – Jay McKiernan, Ron Cohen, Dr. Ken Gibson.

Helping to introduce Congressman Scott Perry will be State Representative Kristin Phillips-Hill, who has declared as a candidate for State Senate, and Representative Will Tallman, a past York County Action Statesman of the Year, both confirmed.

Candidates who are on the November general election ballot will be given 3 to 4 minutes each to speak (depending on how many total appear).

Laura Shue, candidate for York County Recorder of Deeds, earned an “A” rating as featured in the May primary edition of the Value Voters Guide distributed by Conservative Christian Center at Churches and at polling places.

York Court of Common Pleas Judge candidate Clyde Vedder, who earned a “B” rating in the May primary, is also confirmed to speak along with his rival for one of the three open seats, Sandra Thompson, who had earned a “C” rating.

Vedder and Shue also won top spots in the balloting at the May 5 Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center and York County Action.  Sandra Thompson surprised many with her well received remarks which enabled her to defeat several of the Republican candidates who did not have anything to say about their faith at the May 5 Forum.

Many candidates who have not filled out the survey sent to them by email and by mail, will end up with a “D” rating for “did not respond.”

The goal of Conservative Christian Center is to increase the number of church going people of faith who turn out to vote and do so with an informed conscience thanks to a “Value Voters Guide” they will publish.

Proceeds from the breakfast will be used to print the guide and to advertise the ratings given to the candidates.

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