Candidate Forum Tomorrow Night may hit Full Room Capacity

News release to York Daily Record & other media outlets, for Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center & York County Action.

Last chance to reserve preferred seating, or take your chances by showing up at the door to hear candidates on May 16 Primary ballot & Salute to Jay McKiernan

By the time you read this it is possible news about the Candidate Forum tomorrow night will be a major story in the York Daily Record.

And we now very close to a full capacity, standing room only crowd.

The Conservative Christian Center South Central PA Coordinator, Ross Cleveland, spoke to their reporter yesterday and it does appear they are carrying this story, based on the news release we sent to them two days ago (below).

Those who wish to attend should advance register for preferred seating or run a growing risk of having to stand at the back of the room or worse, be denied admission if we exceed the fire-marshal limit for the room.

York County Commissioner Chris Reilly, is narrator of a “Salute to Jay McKiernan, “star-studded” cast.

Candidate Forum Friday
5/5/17, from 7 to 9 PM
Wyndham Garden Hotel,
West Manchester, York PA
Event Flyer HERE
Advance Register for
Preferred Seating HERE
Or Advance Register
(with name, zip & email for ea person)

The news release shows candidates who confirmed immediately as Court of Common Pleas candidates Clyde Vedder, Matt Menges, Chuck Hobbs.  Additional candidates who have since confirmed include candidates for District Attorney Jonelle Harter Eshbach and Dave Sunday, County Coroner Pam Gay and more.  Additional candidates are expected, for a total of at least 10.  Two of the candidates – Jonelle Harter Eshbach (DA) and Matt Menges (Judge) will also be at the dinner with Jay McKiernan, Dr. Ken Gibson and other speakers.

Since the news release we have also confirmed Larry Denver, the Pennsylvania State Chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition, to help start our Candidate Forum with remarks on “How to Vote with an Informed Conscience.”  His organization has been providing voter guides to church going conservative Christians for many years.  Their President, Dr. Ralph Reed, was the keynote speaker at a past York County Action meeting some years ago here.

The really great news is that it is starting to appear from the reservation numbers we have as of this moment, that we are closing in on a full capacity crowd for tomorrow night’s Candidate Night.  We strongly urge our friends to advance reserve a seat – those who do will be admitted to the room first.  We welcome those who did not advance register but if we reach the room limit, we may simply not be able to admit them to this meeting.

You may register for this free, 7 to 9 PM meeting (doors open 6:30 PM) either of two ways.  Write and include your name and zip code (if you have guests, we need the same for each of them).  Or, you may use our Eventbrite page to register, HERE.

Those who can serve on the (Honorary) Host Committee ($100 donation) will be given front table seating and special thanks for helping pay the Candidate Forum, HERE.

The Candidate Forum flyer is HERE.

Candidates who are on the May 16 Primary Ballot may still confirm a speaking slot, and may still send us their completed Candidate Survey, which will be posted on our website after the meeting and will be used to issue a score at the meeting.  Scroll down to previous articles which have the link to the survey and other info, if needed.  Write to SouthCentralPA@ConservativeChristianCenter, if there are any questions or to reserve your speaking slot, while there is still time.

The “Salute to Jay McKiernan” video will be over 20 minutes, because we have remarks by our U.S. Senator, two Congressmen (Scott Perry and Lloyd Smucker) two state legislators (Seth Grove and Will Tallman), the Lancaster Action of PA chairman, a York County Action Chairman Emeritus and the video-event narrator, York County Commissioner Chris Reilly.

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