Trump-Pence Thank you Rally at Giant Center at Hershey PA Thurs. Dec. 15

Conservative Christian Center Celebrates Trump-Pence, Invites you to join us before & after Hershey Rally

(12/14/16, Pat Henry) President Elect Donald Trump and Vice President Elect Mike Pence are coming to Hershey, Pennsylvania to thank us for our help in carrying the pivotal, battleground state of Pennsylvania tomorrow, Thursday, December 15, 2016 with doors open at 4 PM at the Giant Center in Hershey.  Conservative, church-going Christians, who gave the ticket 82 percent of the vote despite the biggest vote suppression effort directed at their ranks in history, will be in the vanguard of those greeting them.

Members of Conservative Christian Center from Northern Virginia, York County and Cumberland County PA will meet for brunch/lunch on the way to the event and for dinner/coffee immediately after – and they have issued a call to like-minded friends (that’s you dear Reader) to join them.

To get your tickets to the Trump-Pence “Thank you” rally in Hershey (no admission without this) go HERE.        

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