Three Outstanding Faith Statements by Candidates from CCC

Outstanding “Faith Statements” by 3 of the 8 CCC “A” rated candidates, from the Value Voter Guide distributed at Churches yesterday and at voting precincts tomorrow.

Conservative Christian Center “Value Voters Guide” uses the faith statement of 3 of the best “A” rated candidates

Here’s what the inside of the Conservative Christian Center Value Voter Guide illustrating what we think are the best of the many outstanding Faith Statements submitted to us be candidates on tomorrow’s ballot – Rebecca Warren, PA Superior Court Candidate; Julie Haertsch, York County Clerk of Courts candidate, and Lt. Col. Doug Mastriano, Ret. (USA) candidate of the GOP in a special election for State Senate (western part of York County).

5th edition of CCC “Value Voter Guide” for 5/21 primary.

Once again we remind our readers: vote tomorrow.  Study our value voters guide to help you pick the candidates who line up best with your beliefs as a church-going conservative.  Help us circulate this information using your Facebook page (click LIKE on our page, use “share”).  Write to us to get some of the brochures to hand out tomorrow at your precinct.  Can you give up 2 or 4 hours to hand these brochures out?  Write (be sure to provide your name & phone for us to call).

One more post about tomorrow’s election is coming (most likely first thing early Tues. AM) – the final word from either Ross Cleveland or from Dr. Ken Gibson about how to choose the best candidates tomorrow.

Reminder.  We are not a part of the Republican Party.  We aren’t partisan.  We don’t endorse candidates.  We are sorry for those candidates who seem upset about it, but we are thankful to most of the candidates who have been most gracious in appealing to the conservative, faith community.  God bless all those on the ballot, and we hope our readers will all join us in prayer for the best outcome when the votes are counted.

As an interest group whose interest is clearly identified in our name – Conservative Christian Center – we strongly dispute the notion propounded by President John F. Kennedy, that those in public office or candidates, should be silent about their faith.  We believe being in the public square is an excellent opportunity to hold forth on your beliefs.  And we believe that value voters should elect candidates who best represent their own beliefs, whatever position that candidate is seeking.

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