Potty Mouth Democrats deserve spanking on Tuesday

Take off from your job, and instead work for freedom on November 6.  Defeat all the Democrats.  Your future depends on it.

By Pat Henry aka HanoverHenry@ConservativeChristianCenter.org

(York PA) One of the most repeated complaints by some (more moderate) Republican Party leaders and even some conservative commentators, is that both sides have to stop being so negative and nasty during this political season.  I’ve heard this complaint on Fox TV a number of times in recent weeks.

Similarly, there is the often-repeated complaint that we’ve had enough of the negative advertising.  Even more amusing to me, since the negative ads are done because they so often work.

In my wish to emphasize to you the importance of the election on Tuesday, and to persuade you to take the day off from work in order to stand in front of your local polling place handing out campaign literature or the VALUE VOTERS GUIDE created by the Conservative Christian Center in York County, please allow me a chance to rebut both of these often repeated arguments with twelve important points.

Value Voters Guide Side 1 PDF
Value Voters Guide Side 2 PDF
write for copies: York@ConservativeChristianCenter.org
(provide name, phone #)

First, the liberal-left is nasty.  They always have been.  When young conservatives 50 years ago spoke out in favor of U.S. policy in Vietnam, the so-called peace protesters beat them up.  It happened all across America and, since there was no Fox News back then, it wasn’t reported.  But this is pre-Saul Alinsky.  Today you have Rules for Radicals which flat out spells out their tactics to silence their conservative opponents, not debate them.

Yes, the left is nasty.  The conservatives are civil, courteous and willing and able to debate issues – both arguments in favor of our proposals and arguments against theirs.  It just isn’t true that “both sides” have to stop being nasty.

If you want to stop nasty in politics then defeat every liberal Democrat on Tuesday, election day.

Second.  Stop letting them fool you into thinking there are “extremes on both sides.”  The right has always policed their nazis – kept them out.  The left has never policed their radicals but promoted them to their top leadership and made excuses for or even endorsed their violence.

That’s always been true.  Especially remember that when they try to convince you that 8 or 12 nazi-racist demonstrators who get massive media coverage by the “mainstream” media as “the extreme right.”  They are part of the left.  Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party controlled the means of production in Nazi Germany and used identity politics, the same as leftists and communists want to do today.  No responsible conservative ever condones violence, identity politics, or the silencing of the other side.  That’s what the left does, always has.  When you see or hear of “the extreme right” keep in mind, the media is lying – those are leftists and they are trying to blame those people on us conservatives as part of their smear and defamation campaign.

If you want to stop these tactics from working, defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

Third.  The left hates Donald Trump and his followers so much, that an increasing number of people are afraid to say they are for the President, or wear a Make America Great hat or button.  The left’s tactics have ALWAYS been to intimidate their opponents with threats of physical harm.  This isn’t new.  It wasn’t reported as much 50 years ago, because there was no Fox News, no alternative social media and blogs.

It used to be, that people wore campaign buttons, not to persuade others, but to spark conversations with others.  And those conversations would persuade people, one way or the other.  Those days are vanishing fast, because the left is really out to hurt people, ruin their lives, physically beat, hurt and embarrass people who stand out against them.

If you want to stop them from intimidating people who want to profess their own pro-Trump and conservative views, people who wear a hat or a button, or who express themselves on their Facebook page, and restore civility to politics and the discussion of important public policy issues, then defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

Fourth.  The liberals want to socialize the very air you breath.  Bill Buckley put it that way 50 years ago.  He was so far ahead of his times.  Today they want to have a carbon tax which literally fulfills Buckley’s prediction.  They want to use the environment issue – the instinct that most conservatives have to leave a better earth to our children – to socialize everything, even the air we breathe.

They even persuade Republicans to favor some of their proposals, which centralize more power into the hands of federal bureaucrats at the expense of state and local government, and which decrease the power of local elected officials, while increasing regulation on business, boost their wet blanket stifling of the invigorating, standard-of-living-boosting, free enterprise freedom system.

To defend the freedom system, defeat every Democrat on election day this Tuesday.

Fifth.  They want open borders, and to eliminate the distinction between American citizens and legal residents versus “undocumented migrants.”  Since they cannot persuade Americans to join their socialist march they want to bring in millions of slaves who will work for their fat-cat corporate liberal-left and moderate GOP donors for minimum wage or even less.

These slaves – the so-called “undocumented migrants,” cannot complain since they aren’t even here legally and are scared they’ll be deported.  No slave on any slave plantation ever had such a sword hanging over his head.  The liberal-left is destroying America from within, putting up a welcome mat for illegals with Sanctuary cities to make criminal illegals feel safe and secure while our citizens cower in fear.

To build the wall, to secure America, to make America great again, defeat every Democrat in the election this Tuesday.

.  They want to let the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department get away with criminal corruption and coverup that makes Watergate look like a child’s game.

It is now widely known thanks to the GOP controlled House of Representatives and Senate and their investigations, that both FBI and DOJ leadership at the highest levels, engaged in two criminal conspiracies.  There are at least 6 New York Times bestsellers that document this story chapter and verse.

Hillary Clinton got away with crimes thanks to DOJ and FBI criminal coverups.  And they continue to work double time to frame President Donald Trump for crimes which do not even exist in the Constitution or in any federal statute.

To clean out the mess, to drain the swamp, to make America great again, defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

Seventh.  As has happened many times in American history, Democrats start wars, and Republicans end them.  You don’t see Iraq and Afghanistan in the news very much anymore.  That’s because we’re not losing.

You can be sure if Democrats are running things you’ll see these places and others in the news because we’ll go right back to the ways of Barack Obama, losing, whining, and our more American casualties.

If you want to keep America safe, defeat every Democrat on Tuesday, election day.

Eighth.  Our basic freedoms, including the right to keep and bear arms, to worship God as you wish, are being safeguarded and upheld thanks to a record-breaking number of conservative justices being appointed to federal appeals and appellete courts and with two Supreme Court justices confirmed.  Thank you President Donald Trump and the Republican Senate Majority.

But the left’s method of fighting the majority of Americans who elected a President to do this, is to literally cancel parts of the Constitution such as the right to confront your accuser, innocent until proven guilty, due process of law and more.

We saw the worst smear campaign ever against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the continuing and daily smear campaign against President Trump, including calls for violence.

If you want to stop such nasty campaigns and return to the era where you simply debate the pros and cons of nominees for court positions, as well as other public policy issues, then defeat every Democrat this Tuesday.

Ninth.  We have reversed the trend that every year, working men and women see a smaller and smaller paycheck.  That’s in part because of the past wet blanket effect on the economy of taxes and regulations being too high, and freedom too small, and getting worse every year.

Under President Trump, with Republicans in control in the Senate and the House, and in the Pennsylvania state legislature, that trend has been reversed.

If you don’t want to go back to the tax and spend and overregulate days, and an ever-diminishing standard of living, then defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

Tenth.  We kneel for Jesus Christ, we stand for the flag, and we are proud to be Americans.  The terrorists, socialists, communists and tyrants of the world have very good reason to hate our guts.  Americans should overcome their confusion, stop worrying about it, and ignore the liberal whining.

When you look down from space on South Korea at night, all lite up in contrast to the darkness you can see from North Korea, it is apparent how the light of freedom both inspires others who yearn to have what we Americans too often take for granted – freedom – and also angers those who hate what we have – freedom.  The darkness always hates the light.  The light always inspires people to be free.  The Bible commands us all to let our light shine forth, to overcome the darkness.

If you want to keep your freedom and not renew the march to the left, socialism, and darkness, then brighten the lightof freedom, defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

Eleventh.  For the first time in history, the younger generation reads less than their parents, lives shorter lives, and will make less income.  That is changing under President Donald Trump and Republicans, thank goodness.

If you want to make America great again and leave America a better place for the next generation, then defeat every Democrat this Tuesday.

Twelfth.  There were plenty of soldiers fighting for the Nazis who never joined the Nazi Party.  There were plenty of soldiers fighting for Communist North Korea and Communist China in the Korean War, who never joined the Communist Party.  The problem is, they fought for the other team – the team that was killing Americans.

If you vote for a more moderate Democrat, you are helping the other team win.  The team that wants to replace the team fighting for freedom.  If you vote for a Democrat because they seem more reasonable than their crazier, more hard-core leftwing counterparts, please consider: you are putting those far-left Democrats in power.

Whether it is the state legislature or the national, both the State Senate and House, and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, do all of their business through committees.

The committees have the senior staff doing the work, creating the witness lists for hearings.  Deciding whether there will be hearings or not.  Whether legislation moves from subcommittee to full committee to the floor for a vote.  Or just stays bottled up in committee.

That moderate Democrat you – or a less informed friend – are thinking about voting for – will help the leftwing team pass higher taxes and smother the freedom system in America.  They are on the other team.

If you want to make sure that the liberal-Democrats aren’t running things in our state or national capital after Tuesday, vote to defeat every single Democrat on the ballot on election day, without exceptions.

Summary of what is at stake on Tuesday

The fact is, by every economic measure, America is becoming great again.  We are becoming safer again.  We are becoming more respected – and even feared – in the world once again.

That’s because of President Donald Trump and those who follow the conservative philosophy in government at every level, from Senate and House of Representatives to state senators and state representatives, all across America.

If you want to keep moving in that direction, making America great again, defeat every Democrat on the ballot, and make no exceptions.

No exceptions?  Yes.   Defeat all the Democrats.

We know that we have one of the rarest of elected officials in our area, with Congressman Scott Perry.  A “Freedom caucus” Congressman with a 96% Heritage Action for America score.

His opponent is the candidate of the nasty, Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer, liberal left Democrats.

Like many such candidates recruited by the liberal-left hate machine, he has a military background, sounds like a nice Christian, never criticizes President Trump, never praises Nancy Pelosi, never sounds like a socialist.

But he is part of the nasty-radical-left.  If he defeats Congressman Scott Perry he will put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House.  He will put the most fringe-leftwing Congressman, like Maxine Waters, in charge of Committees as their Chairmen.  The commitees and the senior majority party staff they hire, run Congress, control the agenda, determine what is debated, what hearings are held, what witnesses are called, which are not called.

If Scott Perry is defeated, the very Democrats who today say it isn’t about President Trump, it isn’t about all these divisive issues but of working together in harmony and love and respect, will be the very ones claiming a mandate to impeach President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  They will claim a mandate, these so-called moderates, to raise taxes, curtail freedom.

Yes, don’t forget: the majority party has the power to launch its own investigations and issue subpoena, to put witnesses under oath, to impeach President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

If you want to stop them from having the majority power to do this and worse for the next two years on the national, state and local level, help defeat every Democrat this Tuesday, election day.

I am not writing to ask you to merely vote.

You can distribute the value voters guide of the Conservative Christian Center, by printing it out or by sending it out electronically.  You can email it.  You can put the link to the guide on your Facebook page.  You can pick up the phone and call those of your friends, relatives, acquaintances who may be sympathetic to your views, and share information with them, including this article.

You can quote any excerpt you want from this post and put it on your Facebook page (preferably with a link to the full article at the website).

And, I ask one more thing of you.  Take off from work on Tuesday, election day, and hand out literature for the candidate of your choice in front of your polling place.  Call to obtain the Value Voters Guide, or use the link to print copies yourself at your nearest fast-print company.  Spend the entire day on Tuesday, handing out literature to people as they enter the polling place (write York@conservativeChristianCenter.org).

Your freedom is on the line.

It isn’t enough to just vote.  I ask you to consider what is at stake in this, the most important mid-term elections in your life.  Take the day off from work, and work instead for freedom, your future and what kind of America we will leave to the next generation.

President Trump has kept his promises.  He needs a stronger GOP majority in Pennsylvania’s state legislature and in the Congress.

Yes, I know some of the Republicans are lukewarm conservatives.  But even they will vote to keep Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their Pennsylvania allies out of the majority.

Please consider my request: help defend freedom by defeating Democrats, invest some time, take off work from Tuesday.  Call GOP County HQ or your favorite candidate and volunteer.  Use the Value Voters guide of the Conservative Christian Center.  Make the effort.

Don’t spend the next two years regretting what you could have done when they took away your freedom on election day, November 6.

Ordinarily, I don’t write to give a blank check of praise to all Republicans.  Such a broad label includes those Republicans who would much rather be civil and courteous when the other side is being nasty and ruthless.  I don’t’ recommend rudeness.  But when they are throwing punches at us in a street brawl, now is the time to punch back, or else you will see their tactics will have worked on election night and you and I will be very sad and upset for the next two years.

The problem is there are no moderate Democrats any more.  They all march in lock step with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the nasty, radical-left.  So, for the first time in my life, this writer is recommending vote against EVERY Democrat on election day, period.

Even a Democrat who appears to be mild-mannered and soft-spoken, will work for the team of potty-mouth, liberal-left Democrats  He will hire leftwing staff (if he hasn’t already), and help the radicals run America, if his team wins the 2018 election.

Most important, is that in order, to defeat them all, you have to vote to elect every Republican on the ballot.

And that my friend, is the only time in my life I have ever written such words.

Thank you for considering this request.  Let’s make America great again on Tuesday, by defeating every Democrat on the ballot, by taking the time and making the effort.  Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.


Note: the opinion expressed in this article, is that of the writer, and does not reflect the policy position of the Conservative Christian Center, which is a non-partisan organization which does not endorse, support or oppose candidates for office but which serves as a forum for conservative, church-going, values voters to influence public policy and to express their own opinions. 

Pat Henry has written nearly 100 feature articles promoting the views of the members and followers of York County Action and of Conservative Christian Center going back nearly eight years.  He can be reached at HanoverHenry@gmail.com and also on Facebook where he is known as Pat Henry, . https://www.facebook.com/HanoverHenry.    Nearly 100 of his articles are at REDSTATE, generating one of the highest followings of any of their writers there, see https://www.redstate.com/diary/hanoverhenry.   For reasons which appear suspiciously similar to the censoring and banning of conservatives and conservative Christians we see at Facebook, Google and Twitter, he was without warning or explanation, banished from REDSTATE.

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