No Thanksgiving Football Says Conservative Christian Center

Military Veteran, Conservative Christian Center Adviser, York County Action Chairman Emeritus Ron Cohen Sends Open Letter to NFL Protesting Anthem Disrespect

Dr. Ken Gibson says he only “takes a knee for Jesus” at the annual Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center on Sept. 30 where he was the closing speaker. Dr. Gibson, Director of the Keystone Bible Institute, was recognized at the breakfast by Congressman Scott Perry as Chairman Emeritus of York County Action and Advisor to Conservative Christian Center, the event co-sponsors (photo: Pastor Herb Hartman).

With $5.4 million from the Department of Defense and $6.7 million from the National Guard given to National Foodball League teams in recent years (as reported on Fox News on 11/22) to support the military, many veterans and those who support veterans are turning their back on traditional football today, Thanksgiving Day.

Conservative Christian Center echoes the call recently issued by the Uniformed Services League to cut all government funding of football stadiums and football teams until the team owners adopt a simple policy: if you won’t stand for the national anthem then you are fired and out of work, period.  At the end of this post you will have the opportunity to indicate where you stand on this – with the protesting athletes who refuse to stand up for the national anthem as National Football League games begin, or with us, who refuse to watch their games until their disrespectful players are fired.

Ron and Bobbie Cohen just wrote an “open letter” to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressing their upset and displeasure at the disrespect expressed by some NFL Players and the teams which employ them.  A past county chairman of York County Action, Ron Cohen was recently recognized as a National Advisor of Conservative Christian Center and Chairman Emeritus of York County Action, by U.S. Congressman Scott Perry, at the annual candidates Forum and Statesman of the Year Breakfast, held at the Country Club of York on September 30.  Cohen is also a veteran of 22 years of service in the United States military.

Emy Delgaudio, addresses the annual Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center on Sept. 30 where she was the Breakfast Coordinator, told crowd “I only take a knee for Jesus” and got a standing ovation for demonstrating. (to her right is Ron Cohen, Breakfast Master of Ceremonies, recognized by Congressman Scott Perry as Chairman Emeritus of York County Action and Advisor to Conservative Christian Center, the event co-sponsors.

Here’s the introduction addressed to you for Cohen’s open letter, and then his letter to Roger Goodell.

Do you agree or disagree with Ron Cohen?  We will publish a simple poll in a future e-newsletter showing the results of our simple poll.  Just send a YES or a NO in the subject field of your email to

Introduction to the Cohen Letter

Hi Guys,

After the recent burning of our American Flag by the Seattle Sea Hawks, Bobbi and I have decided, sadly, that we can no longer watch NFL football. It is too hurtful. We wanted you to see what we sent to Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner. If you feel as we do, you may want to do the same. We are also contacting all of our other friends and family with the same information. Maybe if enough of us register a protest, things will change. We will pray to that end.

Your Friends, Ron and Bobbi Cohen

(note: Ron Cohen retired as Chief Master Musician, USN)


Open Letter to NFL Commissioner Protesting Anthem Disrespect

November 20, 2017

Hi Roger,

You do not know me, but I am a 76 year old military retiree who, along with his family, has loved watching the National Football League for much of his life.

Unfortunately, at the “winter” of my life, I am being forced to have to change my national pastime.  As someone who has seen the wounds, lost limbs and understands the “ultimate sacrifice” given by so many of our military down through the years to protect all that our American Flag represents, I simply cannot stand it when I see the “taking of a knee” by those who either have a gripe against our police or otherwise.  I have no problem with their freedom to peacefully demonstrate in this country for any perceived injustice…but NOT against our American Flag that represents the blood, sweat and tears of so many over the years; and especially, the recent, hateful burning of our flag by the Seattle Sea Hawks in their locker room…being cheered on by their coach and teammates.

This is where I and many others draw the line.

Enough is enough.  I guess, at least for many of us vets, we will have to find another national pastime at this late hour.  I wish it weren’t so.  I wish those who take a knee and are so hateful, could understand how hurtful their actions are to us who have served.  We were willing to protect and defend this country for each of them…and their families… and all of the freedoms they enjoy, not the least of which is an annual salary most of us will not see in an entire lifetime.

I leave you with this question: “why, as the NFL Commissioner, can’t you see how hurtful this is to so many of us? … and put an END, once and for all, to this hate?

Even if someone has the right to take a knee because they live in America, why would you want to carry out a practice against those of us, in particular, who have enabled you to enjoy these very freedoms, when you know the pain and hurt it is causing to so many of us?

Have we become so self-centered and callous as a nation, that it is only about OUR rights … OUR well-being, without the consideration of the good of others?  Certainly there are many other avenues to protest displeasure, without dishonoring our National Flag.

The recent BURNING of that flag by the Seattle Sea Hawks, should result in their being “KICKED OUT”  of the NFL … and good riddance.   It’s a good thing that those who have fought and died didn’t think the way that they do.  To them, they were just doing their duty.

Well, I have said my piece … and I am speaking for many, many others who, sadly will no longer be watching NFL football games.  It is really a tragedy that our country has come to this.

Sincerely, Ronald N. Cohen, MUCM Retired, a 22 year Veteran

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