Michael Anthony 2-minute vid talk on the Gratitude Attitude

“2019 Statesman of the Year” Author of “A Call for Courage” to speak at Conservative Christian Center Breakfast this Saturday, free tickets available

Click on the image above for a 2-minute preview of what you’ll hear this Saturday morning, the newly announced 2019 Statesman of the Year, author Michael Anthony.  As more of our leaders learn about the inspirational speeches around the country and his book, A Call for Courage, they are getting more excited about his being with us this Saturday morning at the annual Statesman of the Year Breakfast (and Candidate Forum) at the Country Club of York, 1400 County Club Road, York PA 8:30 AM to 10 AM (doors open for registration and meet and greet with Michael and the candidates for office and an extra half hour of the same until 10:30 AM).

We still have some of the free and the $10 breakfast tickets although we hope some of our supporters will help us pay our bills buy purchasing the regular price $30 tickets ($55 for a couple.

The word has reached us that one of the Republican candidates who earned a “C” on the CCC Value Voters Guide, is hard at work trying to persuade higher rated GOP candidates not to attend on Saturday morning.  To the extent she is successful, there will be more speaking time and competition for the Democrats and the conservative Republicans who will be there.  CCC leadership think that is very unproductive. Candidates should spend their campaign time criticizing the different views of their rival candidate, not interest groups. In this case, why alienate York County conservative-minded, church-going value voters?

It is our understanding that one candidate for a county office is spending her campaign time and money sending out blast-emails attacking Conservative Christian Center and York County Action, for asking survey questions.  This is our 9th year doing this – asking survey questions of candidates and circulating their answers, and the third year we add up the score for each question, and provide a final score or ranking, “A” for best down to “C” with a “D” reserved for those who did not respond at all.  Stay tuned so you can see what all the excitement is about, when CCC publishes the 9th annual general election Value Voters Guide.  Available in bulk quantities at the Breakfast on Saturday.

We agree with the disappointed “C” rated GOP candidate, that this guide might not be best for Republican County Committeemen, who pledged to vote and work for all Republican nominees.  CCC made no such pledge.  We simply report what all candidates told us on their survey guide.  We don’t “create” any grade for them – the candidates self-grade by how they respond.  That means some GOP candidates did not earn an “A” and it also means some conservative, Church-going Christians, might not vote for them.  We don’t tell anyone how to vote, we simply pass information along, provided to us by the candidates for office who want your vote.

The disappointed candidate might do better for herself and her political party, to point out the differences between herself and her opponent in her campaign, instead of spending so much of her time attacking the Conservative Christian Center for not being Republican enough.  We believe that more than 80 to 90% of the church-going crowd are conservative who vote for Republicans.  While it isn’t our mission to help any one party, it is an indisputable fact, that our work does benefit one party more than the other party, just as Democrat registration of inner city non-citizens, disproportionally helps one political party over the other party.

We agree with the disappointed “C” rated candidate – if you are a “straight line GOP voter” perhaps you might not want to hand out our Voter Guide at your Church and at your polling place.  On the other hand, if your interest is information on the candidates, or if you’d like to motivate more church-going Christians to show up to vote on election day, we hope you will make good use of the new, forthcoming Value Voters Guide and the Breakfast this Saturday morning.

Note: the free and subsidized $10 breakfast tickets are not available for candidates and their campaign staff because CCC is  a non-partisan, non-profit organization which does not contribute to candidates and campaigns.  The result of our mailing to GOP “super-voters” (the first time we have ever done this) are just coming in and the free and low-priced $10 tickets are getting taken up fast (20 seats were taken yesterday) so if you want one, click thru to our Registration Page right away.

For candidates who simply want to speak at our group and go on their way, we welcome you, but cannot provide you a breakfast ticket.

2019 Annual Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum Breakfast
Saturday, October 19

8:30 AM to 10 AM
(doors open 8 AM for registration and “meet and greet” and close 10:30 AM)

Country Club of York, 1400 Country Club Road, York PA

To reserve or donate Click https://2019statesman.eventbrite.com
LIMIT FIRST 25: Attend free (use passcode CCCfree – we are especially looking for new friends)
LIMIT FIRST 25: Attend for only $10 (use passcode CCC10 – pays a portion of your breakfast)
Or attend at the regular $30 rate and pay your own way.  Discounted to $55 for a couple, and further discount for a table of 8.

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