Last Chance to Tell Your Congressman you want Full Repeal of Obamacare


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) explains on Fox TV why he opposes what many conservatives are calling ObamaCare Lite, or Rynocare, as it comes to a vote in the House this afternoon.  Call your Congressman to express your view whether they should vote NO with conservative Congressman Gohmert as recommended by FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots, or they should vote YES as urged by House Speaker Ryan.

Conservative Christian Center urging you to Phone your Congressman in the next hour, not settle for partial repeal

York County Action urges ACTION for principle, begs church going Christians “Please don’t sit on the sidelines” – provides phone numbers to call now

Rep. Louie Gohmert urged his fellow Congressmen to vote NO on the partial repeal of Obamacare nicknamed “ObamaCare Lite” and “Rynocare,” saying to Stuart Varney on Fox TV today, ““We have been lied to. This bill keeps Obamacare in place in perpetuity.

The final vote on the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare is scheduled in the House for this afternoon – within several hours of this post.  York County Action – this e-newslettter/website – strongly urges church going Christians “please don’t sit on the sidelines” noting the propensity of so many good and God fearing Christians to vote in an election and then sit on the sidelines rather than speak out to their Congressman after the election is over.”

Well, it is “sort of” final in the House this afternoon.  Even if the watered down version of Obamacare repeal and replace passes – and it does leave in place much of what conservatives find objectionable about Obamacare – the bill still has to go to the more liberal Senate.

If you want to influence the outcome in this vote-showdown in the House you can do two things right now:

First, call your own Congressman.  In south central PA that is Congressman Scott Perry, who is actually one of the top 5% of all congressman as a member of the Freedom Caucus, that group of several dozen Congressmen most despised by liberals, leftists and moderate Republicans (we can know our friends by who their enemies are).

You can register your opinion with Congressman Scott Perry – asking him to vote YES or NO on this Ryan Care or ObamaCare Lite – at (202) 225-5836

The second thing you can do register your opinion, is telephone other members of the House Freedom Caucus, since this is the group which more than any other group of House members, will either help pass or defeat the proposal.

The arguments in favor of passing this bill are simple: it is the only show in town, it is the only way to begin the process of repealing Obamacare and replacing it, even if only in part, with something a little bit better than what is there.

The argument opposing passage is also simple: this is not what Republicans campaigned for when they asked to be given control of the House of Representatives.  They got it but they did not block and stop Obamacare as they had promised, because, they said after election day, they also need the Senate.  They got the Senate but, if you believe them, they then discovered that they could not repeal Obamacare unless they also had the White House, and their having the Senate and the House just wasn’t enough.  Today they have the White House but now, we are told, we cannot completely repeal Obamacare, because of these pesky GOP moderates.

While there are good arguments pro and con on this, the bottom line is: you should call your own Congressman today, in the next few hours – if you want your voice heard.

Second, you can call one or more members of the House Freedom Caucus and ask them to vote yes or vote no.

Two well known conservative organization which OPPOSE passage of what they call Obamacare Light or RynoCare, are Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks.  Before we report here in more detail their views (below) here is the list of House Freedom Caucus members if you would like to go beyond simply calling your own Congressman within the next two hours before the House votes (courtesy of Tea Party Patriots):

House Freedom Caucus Members

Mark Meadows (NC) (202) 225-6401 @RepMarkMeadows
Justin Amash (MI) (202) 225-3831 @justinamash
Brian Babin (TX) (202) 225-1555 @RepBrianBabin
Rod Blum (IA) (202) 225-2911 @RepRodBlum
Dave Brat (VA) (202) 225-2815 @RepDaveBrat
Jim Bridenstine (OK) (202) 225-2211 @RepJBridenstine
Mo Brooks (AL) (202) 225-4801 @RepMoBrooks
Ken Buck (CO) (202) 225-4676 @RepKenBuck
Warren Davidson (OH) (202) 225-6205 @WarrenDavidson
Ron DeSantis (FL) (202) 225-2706 @repdesantis
Scott DesJarlais (TN) (202) 225-6831 @DesJarlaisTN04
Jeff Duncan (SC) (202) 225-5301 @RepJeffDuncan
Trent Franks (AZ) (202) 225-4576 @RepTrentFranks
Paul Gosar (AZ) (202) 225-2315 @RepGosar
Morgan Griffith (VA) (202) 225-3861 @RepMGriffith
Andy Harris (MD) (202) 225-5311 @RepAndyHarrisMD
Jody Hice (GA) (202) 225-4101 @CongressmanHice
Jim Jordan (OH) (202) 225-2676 @Jim_Jordan
Raúl Labrador (ID) (202) 225-6611 @Raul_Labrador
Alex Mooney (WV) (202) 225-2711 @RepAlexMooney
Gary Palmer (AL) (202) 225-4921 @USRepGaryPalmer
Steve Pearce (NM) (202) 225-2365 @RepStevePearce
Scott Perry (PA) (202) 225-5836 @RepScottPerry
Ted Poe (TX) (202) 225-6565 @JudgeTedPoe
Bill Posey (FL) (202) 225-3671 @congbillposey
Mark Sanford (SC) (202) 225-3176 @repsanfordsc
David Schweikert (AZ) (202) 225-2190 @repdavid
Randy Weber (TX) (202) 225-2831 @TXRandy14
Ted Yoho (FL) (202) 225-5744 @RepTedYoho
Joe Barton (TX) (202) 225-2002 @RepJoeBarton
Louie Gohmert (TX) (202) 225-3035 @replouiegohmert
NOTE: Twitter limits the frequency of tweets you can send in a short period of time. The best way to avoid this is to pace the tweets you send. If you still get restricted, wait a few minutes and try again.


Now here are several more detailed reports about the two conservative groups which oppose passage of this bill today.

FreedomWorks warns GOP against supporting healthcare bill

(Washington Examiner) A conservative outside group known for promoting Tea Party candidates is warning lawmakers they’ll be negatively scored if they vote for the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

FreedomWorks on Wednesday sent a letter to House and Senate Republicans warning them that the proposal “has too many Obamacare-like flaws,” and should be defeated.

Read the rest of the story at Washington Examiner HERE

Email Blast from Tea Party Patriots calls for defeat of RynoCare

Today, the House will vote on the American Health Care Act whether or not the GOP has the votes.

We still believe this bill is NOT the right thing, it’s NOT full repeal as they have promised, and it’s NOT going to get rid of some of the worst parts of Obamacare.

Example of worst parts of Obamacare kept:

  • Subsidies are now called “advanceable, refundable tax credits”
  • Individual Mandate is now a 30% penalty paid to insurance companies for one year
  • On Medicaid Expansion, this bill just kicks the can down the road until a hotly contested election year when it will likely be reapproved.

Please call and tweet the House Freedom Caucus to stand strong and oppose this legislation. Time is short, so please call now and call often. They need to hear we have their backs!

(email message of

Republicans to vote ‘no’ on health-care bill

Just a day ahead of the House’s scheduled vote on the GOP health-care bill, conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks announced its opposition to Republicans’ ObamaCare replacement plan. In a letter, FreedomWorks urged Republican lawmakers to vote ‘no’ on the American Health Care Act, arguing it “does not go far enough to permanently dismantle the ObamaCare framework.”

Continue reading article at The Week, HERE


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