Last Call Watch Gods Not Dead Movie Today

Please Support the new Home Movie Project of Conservative Christian Center

“If you believe that a Christian’s rights are subordinate to all other rights then it is not a right” argues the attorney for the Christian school teacher on trial in this exciting movie about faith in the public square. Watch the movie, host the movie, support the movie here in York County, take a stand today (click on the image to see that scene from a movie trailer).

Last call for God’s Not Dead 2, see movie trailer above or HERE.  Watch a terrific and inspiring movie with us this afternoon – Sunday, 2 PM, at the residence of board member Monica Seitz and her husband Dennis and the board of the Conservative Christian Center.  Watch a Christian put on trial for defending her faith at the hands of those who are intent on proving that God IS dead.  New friends especially welcome to watch this movie with us.  Grab a bag of potato chips, popcorn or pretzels or a bottle of soda and head our way.  We’ll give you the location in Red Lion, PA when you reserve your spot – write

If you cannot make it today how about YOU hosting a movie night with God’s Not Dead 1 or 2 (or both)?

And how about your helping us buy some Facebook advertising for our next movie night?  It’s a simple thing: we aim to reach those who have “liked” conservative, Christian-oriented, family friendly movies.  Millions of clicked “like” on such movies.  Many hundreds of them – perhaps a thousand or more – live here in York PA.  For a small payment to Facebook we can run a “watch this movie with us” ad to reach them, and make some new friends for Conservative Christian Center in York.  Facebook tells us that we can reach up to 1,600 people in York County who are interested in our values for only $15.  This will only happen with your donation.  To help click this link HERE – and to make sure you donation is earmarked for this Facebook ad write to and let us know of your gift.

For more on the movie or to even buy your own copy go HERE.

Reminder: election day is Tuesday.  Our voter guide – distributed at the Breakfast honoring Congressman Scott Perry as our new “Statesman of the Year” on Sept. 30 – and as distributed at Church’s today – will be posted in this space tonight.

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