Last Call for Value Voters Survey to Candidates

This Wed. Oct 3 is final deadline for Candidates for Conservative Christian Center and York County Action Ratings and Value Voter Guide Brochure

The old “Values Voter Guide” from May 15 Primary Election.  The general election edition to be released at Oct. 6 “Candidate Forum.”

Conservative Christian Center issued its last call to candidates on the November ballot who have an interest in the votes of value voters by their participating in the 4th biannial “Value Voters Guide” that will be released at the Candidate Forum on Saturday morning, October 6 at 8:30 AM.

The survey for the candidates can be viewed or downloaded:

(PDF version) HERE

(Word for windows if you want to type your answers) HERE

Candidates will be issued a rating of from A (best) to C (worst) with a “D” for “did not respond.”

There are presently 6 candidates who earned an “A” rating in the May, 2018 primary and won their party nomination.

We remind our readers – and candidates – that you can still purchase a ticket to the annual Candidate Forum and “Statesman of the Year” breakfast, click or write

This year’s “Statesman of the Year” is Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, who will be presented the award by Congressman Scott Perry with an assist from State Rep. Seth Grove.  Perry was last year’s Statesman of the Year award winner, with the award presented by Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, who this year is also a candidate for State Senate.

For those who are interested in appealing for votes to the value voters – church going Christians – this is an important way to reach them.

Candidates will be given from 3 to 5 minutes to speak to the Candidate Forum and Breakfast attendees (depending on how many candidates reserve time).  If you are a candidate please let us know if you want your time slot – register and/or write

The “Value Voter Guide” with survey answers from the candidates is distributed to our members, subscribers and at Churches during the final 2 weeks before election day, and at some precincts on election day.  The “Value Voter Guide” with its candidate rankings will first be released at the 10/6 breakfast.  This is the 4th consecutive edition (biannial) of this format as a brochure.  Extra copies will be available at the breakfast.

How many copies of the Value Voter guide we can distribute is strictly limited to the amount of net income from the breakfast and any donations which we receive.  Visit Conservative Christian Center website or at breakfast registration website HERE or write via email if you can help with a donation or mail it to: Conservative Christian Center, 21159 White St., Suite 3-149 Freedom Center, York PA 17404.

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