How Supreme Court Can Roll back Regulations

Conservative Christian Center Push for Senators to Confirm Kavanaugh for Supreme Court isn’t just about Social Issues

(by Hanover Henry) The Supreme Court isn’t merely the place where the “right” to a taxpayer funded abortion to kill your unwanted baby was invented out of whole cloth.  It is also the place where the government’s authority to impose the insidious tax of over-regulation was dreamed up and imposed.  Such over-regulation is like a wet blanket thrown down over the hot engine of business.  It is those who operate successful businesses which push the economy and the standard od living of our citizens to higher levels.

But the government with higher taxes – whether it is direct taxation or the indirect taxation of over-regulation and the suppression of business which is the inevitable result – can boost or slow business.

How the Supreme Court imposes Regulation

To name one specific example, we can look at the case of Massachusetts vs Environmental Protection Agency, where the departing Judge Kennedy joined the majority to rule that the government MUST regulate carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

That case was then cited endlessly and expanded by the Supreme Court to further expand the requirement that the federal government MUST continue and increase its stifling regulations of business.

One would think it is obvious that we elect Congressmen and Senators to consider such issues.  But the courts have frequently taken on the role of legislators to expand government.  But from his past writings we know that Judge Kavanaugh will be an enemy of this practice, and replacing a Judge who voted for such over-regulation, could very well be the swing vote to change the practice.

In the Harvard Law Review, Kavanaugh eviscerated the judicial precedent handed down in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, which states that federal judges must defer to the judgment of federal agencies when it comes to reviewing their actions. Kavanaugh called this practice, commonly known as Chevron deference, an “atextual invention by courts” and “nothing more than a judicially orchestrated shift of power from Congress to the executive branch.” (source: FreedomWorks).

That’s one more reason that Conservative Christian Center and York County Action are part of a coalition of conservative groups in south central PA which have been working to fill a bus to go down to Washington, DC on Wednesday, Sept. 26 to lobby our two U.S. Senators to confirm President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

Of course, the “values voters” are most excited about the endless ways that government funding for baby killing seems to keep expanding thanks to the courts – such as a recent ruling that an illegal alien minor who just crashed the U.S. border, had a need for a sudden, emergency abortion.

A second reason for conservative leaders to be rallying in DC is to focus attention on the issue of the Supreme Court and the President keeping his promise to appoint conservatives to the judiciary.  It is a winning issue not only to boost active support from conservatives in the November election – donations, campaign workers and voting – but also polls very well to attract voters in the center.

That’s why the focus on a “Rally” in Washington, DC on September 26, organized by a coalition led by FreedomWorks and organized locally by Conservative Christian Center, York County Action and other conservative organizations.

If you can join us that day, please do not delay in registering for your free bus ride (includes lunch in DC).  We do expect the bus to be completely filled, so if you can join us please register now, see rallyPA for more info.  You may also write,

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