Heritage Fiesta This Saturday Makes Local News

Community Courier runs major story on page 2, continues coverage for 7th year

The Heritage Fiesta this coming Saturday has once again made the local news, with all editions of the Community courier weekly newspaper running the story about the upcoming 7th annual “pot luck” picnic on the highly coveted page 2 (above the fold).   Don’t miss it!

Here’s the story (below).  Don’t miss what is shaping up as the very best of the 7 annual Heritage Fiesta’s this Saturday – doors open for setup at 11 AM, food starts 12 noon, program starts 12:30 PM with keynote remarks by State Senator Mike Folmer, plus remarks of State Rep. Kristin Phillips Hill, and congressional candidate and Platinum Sponsor George Scott, County Commissioner Chris Reilly and other candidates on the November ballot (all invited).  And the most popular part of every year’s event, the Dance groups which will provide entertainment along with the music provided by a DJ.

Co-Sponsored once again by Conservative Christian Center and York County Action, along with Philippine American Heritage Council and New Americans by Choice.  Info: York@ConservativeChristianCenter.org or at ConservativeChristianCenter.org.

Community Courier Page 2 article reports 7th Annual Heritage Fiesta of Conservative Christian Center this Saturday 12 noon (setup 11 AM).


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