Conservative Christian Center Value Voter Guide Released

Ratings announced at May 10 Candidate Forum now available as a “Value Voter Guide”

All candidates Ranked From “A” for best down to “D” for Did Not Reply

The Conservative Christian Center and York County Action here announce their ratings for Candidates on the ballot this Tuesday, May 21.  All ratings were announced with a handout at the May 10 Candidate Forum but are today also announced with this e-newsletter, the CCC website and the CCC Facebook Page as well as the now-available Value Voter Guide brochuire.

Those interested can write to arrange pickup of brochures or you may print your own copies (8 ½ by 14 inches, 2 sides) from the “pdf” or “jpg” below.

PDF copy of the above 2 sides of the 8 ½ by 14 “Value Voters” brochure – better quality for printing out, Side One HERE, Side Two HERE.

As previously report, eight (8) candidates received the highest ranking of “A” which are Barbato Arvonio (Clerk of Court candidate), Julie Haertsch (Clerk of Court candidate), Rebecca Warren (Superior Court Judge Candidate), Shane Becker (York County Sheriff Candidate), all of whom attended the May 10 CCC Candidate Forum.  Other candidates who were unable to attend on Friday night but who earned an “A” rating are: State Senate candidate (33rd District), Colonel Doug Mastriano, USA (Ret.), Jonelle Harter-Eschbach, Court of Common Pleas Judge candidate, Matthew Menges, Court of Common Pleas Judge candidate, Julie Wheeler, County Commissioner candidate.

SIDE 2 of the Value Voters Guide brochure. Click on the image for full size. Or follow the link in the article for the better quality PDF if you want to print this out (8 1/2 by 14″).

Candidates who earned a respectable “B” ranking include:

Christopher Reilly, running for reelection as York County Commissioner, earned a “B+” (the + by virtue of his past award as “Statesman of the Year” of York County Action/CCC), “B” for Ron Smith, Candidate for County Commissioner, and Rich Keurleber, candidate for reelection as County Sheriff.

All other candidates earned a “C” ranking – which means they all did send in their Questionnaire but either left many answers blank or answered in a way that is considered inconsistent with the philosophy of the Conservative Christian Center and York County Action.  We thank them for participation, and rank them ahead of the candidates who totally ignored our Questionnaire and were therefore rewarded with the lowest ranking of “D” for “did not respond.

SIDE 1 of 2 sides, of the Value Voters Guide brochure. Click on the image for full size. Or follow the link in the article for the better quality PDF if you want to print this out (8 1/2 by 14″).

The 10 questions for candidates were supplemented with two additional questions for Judicial Candidates. 

The questions addressed the issues of interest to more conservative-minded, church going Christians.  As happens every year, some candidates didn’t answer and cited what we call “the Dogcatcher Rule” – which is “I want to be dogcatcher so and I won’t be making policy on abortion so I won’t answer those type questions.”  Our view is, we have the right to ask, and they have the right to campaign without explaining their philosophy or beliefs.

We remind our readers of our mission at Conservative Christian Center, following the work done for 15 years in York by York County Action.  We want to motivate church going Christians to vote, and we want to give them information so they can vote “with an informed conscience.”

Our rankings are not, of course, the only information available to voters.  We have long cited the way that a Judge in a courtroom reads the legal brief submitted by each side’s attorneys, then he listens in court to the “oral arguments” along with those who witness for each side.  Then the judge – in this case you the voter, choose the verdict.

Our Board member Robert Cosgrove, who tabulated the candidate questionnaire, is now working on putting on the website, each candidate’s full questionnaire as it was sent to us.

Most of the questions are binary, ie. you either get a “zero” for your answer, or 10 points.  An example is #10, “do you regularly attend Church.”  Those voters who do not regularly attend church might think this is superfluous to other policy matters being debated in the election.  But this is the Conservative Christian Center, and faith voters want to know. Another questions asks the candidate if they favor or oppose Sanctuary Cities, used to protect lawbreaking illegal aliens?  Then there are questions which the answer might yield from 0 (choosing your favorite Supreme Court Justice or President as a liberal), or perhaps 5 points (most Republicans favor murder for babies if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest) or perhaps a choice other than Trump or Reagan as your favorite President. 

Just as with college and high school grades, candidates who participated but earned our lowest earned score (the “D” is for those who totally ignored our Questionnaire) rank from the candidate who goes to church (10 points out of 100) on up to one who did not want to answer 4 out of our 10 questions (thus a top score possible then, of only 60% – which is an “F” at colleges and high schools but a “C” with our rankings.

We still have three reports for you before election day.

First, the actual Questionnaire submitted by each candidate.

Second, the report on the secret ballot vote at the May 10 Candidate Forum – where we should warn you to watch for some surprises, and especially for several decisive votes on several of the contests where there the candidates are making strong appeals to the value voters.

Third, will be our final advice on voting including the final word from Dr. Ken Gibson, a Chairman Emeritus of York County Action, and Advisor and Chaplain to Conservative Christian Center.

Remember, we don’t recommend everyone simply go down our list and vote for all the candidates with an “A” or a “B.”  Nor do we suggest that you totally avoid the candidates who have a “C” or a “D” ranking.  There may be other circumstances you are aware of which will influence your vote.  We hope you will prayerfully consider our hope that all of our readers will vote, and will vote with an “informed conscience” where you match up your beliefs and principles with what the candidates are offering.

Many candidates ask you to vote for them based upon the 4E principle – they are “experienced and educated, and they will be efficient and effective.”  Very often such candidates or their advocates, imply or even state that anyone who doesn’t worship at the Alter of E, must be inept and inexperienced  (the two I’s).

While we do respect experience, those who push that idea too hard, are boxing themselves in as advocates for Joseph Biden and before that, for Hillary Clinton, who also claimed to be the “most experienced and educated” and who claimed that they were going to be “efficient and effective.”

We think what candidates stand for, and especially whether they advocate for our beliefs when they are in the public square, should be a very important part of how you decide who you will vote for this Tuesday.

We thank those who will forward this e-newsletter and/or the link to our website where this information resides, or or will “share” and “like” our Facebook page.  While we don’t endorse candidates, we do most strongly endorse the notion that candidates should be chosen based upon their principles, not just their experience alone.

Once again, we thank all of the candidates who have put themselves out into the public arena and offered themselves to us this Tuesday, and we pray that all of us will pick the best choices based on the use of an informed conscience.  We especially thank the candidates who took the time to speak to us, and recommend most strongly, that you consider their views before making your decision on Tuesday.

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