Conservative Christian Center to Ask Supreme Court to stop State Courts drawing district lines

Friday night bulletin

Your last chance to join us in this Petition to U.S. Supreme Court

The Conservative Christian Center (CCC) and White House Watch (WHW) are finalizing their draft of a legal brief to be submitted to the United States Supreme Court asking them to stop state courts from usurping the Constitutional authority of state legislatures to draw district lines for Congressmen and state legislators.  19 individuals have joined CCC and WHW as “Amicus Curiae” or “Friend of the Court” in a North Carolina case pending before the Supreme Court.  Five are from South Central PA and associated with the York CCC chapter.

The first draft of the Amicus is HERE.

You will find the names of 19 Americans including 5 from South Central PA listed in this brief or as we call it, this “petition to the Supreme Court.”  Is your name missing?  Not one legislator or candidate from York is listed here to complain about the meddling by the courts in their sole responsibility to draw legislator district lines.

If you would like your name to be added to with the 19 others you must write to tell us before Saturday, 8/27 at 5 PM, providing your full legal name, phone number and email.  Write


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