Case for Christ Movie Now Showing in South Central PA

From the studio that brought you God’s Not Dead

Conservative Christian Center Movie Night Coordinator Monica Seitz leads group of 6 to preview movie & Live Interview with the co-authors of the true story, the cast who played them, the Movie Director & Writer

Based on the recommendation of newly appointed Conservative Christian Center (CCC) Movie Night Coordinator Monica Seitz, a delegation of six conservative Christians from York County traveled to neighboring Lancaster County to watch the preview of the movie, The Case for Christ, this past Thursday evening.

(Official) The Case for Christ movie trailer on youtube

The movie is now playing in the south central Pennsylvania area at several movie theaters (see below) for one week starting Friday, April 7, with this weekend (until Sunday night) being the critical first night which will determine if is sufficiently successful to continue playing, or will be stopped after just one week.

Souvenir Card (side 1, full color, glossy) Souvenir, suitable for framing, provided free at movie theaters by Conservative Christian Center (scroll down for side 2 message)

This gripping movie tells the true story of an atheist who used his skills as an award winning investigative journalist and book author to prove how the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – the lynchpin of the entire Christian faith – was absolutely untrue, a myth, after his atheist wife had defected to become a new Christian.  In this true story, the atheist was highly motivated to prove to his wife that her new beliefs were untrue..

Church going Christians teared up as they watch this relentless, fact-searching atheist reporter pile up one fact after another after another – that all show contrary to what he expected to find, the scientific and factual basis to lead him to an inescapable and undeniable conclusion.  The reporter learned that he was totally wrong and that there is no question about the outcome of his fact finding search. The Case for Christ became a world wide bestselling book he wrote after his editor – as depicted in the movie – rejected his request to share what he found in an article for his Chicago newspaper – that beyond a doubt it was factually and scientifically provable that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, the lynchpin of the Christian faith.

Side 2 of the Souvenir Card. above  (you can bring this image to your local Staples to print out, or call us for a copy … CCC seeks donations to print & distribute more of these with this message & help at theaters).

Conservative Christian Center observation: there has never been a movie which combined the appeal of a couple determined to prove they are each right – her by her loving and faith based behavior as a Christian and him by his investigative skills as a reporter determined to prove that it is a myth that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on Easter Sunday, the birth of Christianity.

It is hard to imagine a better movie to watch the week before Easter Sunday, one that the entire family can enjoy together.

The unanimous verdict of the six film watchers who with Monica previewed this new movie this past Thursday night, is that she was totally correct to recommend it.  And all 6 strongly urge fellow conservative, church-going Christians to not only attend this movie right away this weekend but do your best to bring friends with you.

Your watching this movie is your “yes” vote for more positive, faith based movies, especially if you can make it this weekend.  All six of the group led by Monica intend to go a second time.

Following the Thursday night preview at Penn Cinema 14 in Lititz, PA there was a “Live Interview” event with the cast of the movie, the two co-authors of the book on which the movie was based, the movie director and the movie writer.

(note: despite our call to the Letitz theater in which they told us on Wed. 4/5 that the movie would begin a minimum one week showing on Fri. 4/7, there was no indication on the their website that this has happened, see below for the two movies within easy drive distance of York PA – in Cumberland and in Lancaster County – where it is playing right now).

The stars of this “live post preview show” on Thursday night, strongly urged us to get the word out to our friends about the movie and help promote the positive message about Christianity, especially to those who may not have our faith or were, like Lee and Leslie Strobel, the “protagonists” in the movie, actually atheists before they started the journey that led them to their faith in Jesus Christ and their ministry to help teach the truth that they learned.

Conservative Christian Center provided everyone at the preview film showing on Thursday night in Lititz with a very nice, suitable for framing, glossy color “souvenir” card as a memento of the movie, with a message on the flip side about our free e-newsletter for those interested in being kept informed about future movies of interest to conservative Christians.

The initial print run of glossy souvenir cards was paid for by CCC but a second press run with the new first weekend date imprint were printed thanks to a donation pledge by the south central PA Coordinator for CCC, Ross Cleveland.

We not only urge you to watch the movie but also to call on Ross or York area coordinator Emy Delgaudio to get copies of this expensive but valuable keepsake-souvenir to hand out to everyone in the theater when you go to watch the movie this weekend.  If you can spare the time as a volunteer perhaps you can hand out the card to people who walk in to watch the movie also (even if you are not yourself watching that movie.

Email to obtain copies of this new souvenir and newsletter recruitment card or if you wish to join Ross Cleveland in making a donation to help pay for more card printing.

The first run of 250 cards for this weekend cost $86.09 at Staples ($.35 ea.).  A donation of $24.50 will cover the expected audience for each showing of the movie this weekend and during the next week.  Without additional financial support we will run out of the souvenir card and newsletter subscription appeal before this weekend is over.

Or telephone Ross Cleveland at (717) 802-2586 to let him know when you are going to watch the movie and are willing to hand the souvenir card out to everyone in the theater with you, and we will provide you the card to the extent we still have them available.

Where it is playing this weekend & for this week (1 hour & 52 min long):
We need help distributing Souvenir Card/Newsletter Recruiting cards just before show time and/or as people depart, donations to pay for this.

Regal Manor Stadium 16
1246 Millersville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603
(844) 462-7342
Sat. 4/8 at 7:15 10:15 PM
Sun. 4/9 at 10:15 AM, 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 10:15 PM

AMC Camp Hill 12
3432 Simpson Ferry Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011
Sat. 4/8 at 6:40, 9:20 PM
Sun. 4/9 at 10:30 AM, 1:10, 3:50, 6:40 PM

(check with theater for other show times during the first one week starting 4/7 thru Thurs. 4/13; the movie may not be showing after that unless you help us make it worthwhile to the theaters)

About the Movie: The Case for Christ

In a nutshell, the book and the movie trace the faith journey a married couple – Lee and Leslie Strobel – who started as atheists.  When Leslie “defected” to the a newfound faith in Christ, her still-atheist husband Lee decided to scientifically prove to her – using his investigative journalist skills – how misplaced her new faith was and how impossible the claims of Christians are about the divinity of Jesus Christ.  This movie and book are their story.

Author, Movie Co-Writer

Lee Strobel is the former award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and bestselling author of more than 20 books. For the last 25 years, he has shared the evidence that supports the truth and claims of Christianity, equipping believers to share their faith with the people they know and love. His classic book, The Case for Christ, details his journey to Christianity, and The Case for Grace won the 2016 Nonfiction Book of the Year from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.  Lee earned his Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and his Master’s of Studies in Law at Yale Law School. A journalist for 14 years at the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, he won Illinois’ highest honor for public service journalism from UPI. Lee has been a featured guest on national networks, hosted the TV program Faith Under Fire, and appeared in God’s Not Dead 2 as an expert witness. A teaching pastor at Woodlands Church in Texas, he is also on the faculty at Houston Baptist University as a professor of Christian thought.


Leslie Strobel was the impetus and the inspiration behind her husband Lee Strobel’s bestselling book, The Case for Christ. An atheist like her husband, Leslie slowly came to believe the claims of Christianity as she saw faith at work in the lives of others and in the circumstances of her life. When Lee set out to disprove her newfound faith, the research led him on an unexpected journey. Their story now is on the big screen in the feature film THE CASE FOR CHRIST. With Lee, Leslie is the co-author of the book Spiritual Mismatch.

More information about the book and the movie including a listing of endorsements, video clip, scenes from the movie and more (including a movie locator) are HERE.

Candidate Forum of York County Conservative Christian Center Friday May 5, 7 to 9 PM

There will be a Candidate Forum of York County Conservative Christian Center on Friday May 5, from 7 to 9 PM at the Wyndham Garden Hotel at the West Manchester Shopping Mall.  The event will include a special SALUTE to Jay McKiernan for a lifetime of dedication to the cause.  Candidates for York County Judge (Court of Common Pleas) are invited to speak.  Their responses to a candidate questionnaire will be distributed to attendees at the free event.

Popular Radio talk show host Garry Sutton will be Master of Ceremonies and commentator, with Pastor Ken Gibson as the new chaplain of the Conservative Christian Center, will do his customary prayer and blessing at the end of the event for all those who are seeking office.

CCC working group members to be present include past York County Action of PA leaders Monica Seitz (who is the Movie Coordinator for CCC in York), Gina Myers, Emy Delgaudio, and new CCC leader Robert Cosgrove.  Past York County Action of PA chairman Jay McKiernan will be present to deliver remarks and accept a “Lifetime Volunteer Service Award” for his many years of volunteer service to the conservative cause and as an exemplary Christian at a special segment of the evening, a “Salute to Jay McKiernan.”

A CCC “report card” will be issued for the candidates on the ballot for this May 16 GOP primary at this event.  A secret ballot “straw poll vote” will also be taken and tabulated while the featured speaker is addressing the meeting (to be announced).

The result of the straw poll will be released before adjournment at 9 PM.  There is limited seating – those with an advance RSVP (suggested but not required) will be admitted on a priority basis before those without such registration.  Write

An optional dinner in advance of the meeting will take place for those interested in becoming part of CCC, 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  The $50 dinner donation will help pay the costs of this event including the meeting room rental, plaque for Jay, etc.  More details ahead, stay tuned.

Candidate for Judge Matt Menges, is the first of the candidates for local office to confirm that he will attend and deliver remarks to the Candidate Forum and that he will be delighted to complete and return the CCC Candidate Questionnaire.  He is a past member of York County Action of PA.

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