14 Candidates Earn perfect 100% rating at Candidate Forum

The new “Values Voter Guide” for the Tuesday, May 15 Primary Election. See below for the full text of each side, 8 1/2 by 14, including the candidates listing (2 sides, of 1 sheet).

Several contests show a night and day difference, with a 100% candidate paired against one with less or even as low as zero percent in the primary, reports Conservative Christian Center and York County Action

Candidates who spoke at Candidate Forum or sent a surrogate and also earned a 100% rating include Kristin Phillips-Hill, Chet Beiler, Paul Mango, Jim Christiana III, Joshua Hershey, Mike Jones and three candidates for Lt. Governor, Diane Irey-Vaughan, Kathy Coder and Marguerite Peg Luksik

Fourteen candidates on the Tuesday GOP primary ballot received a perfect 100% score on the Value Voters Guide released at the Candidate Forum this past Saturday night of the Conservative Christian Center and York County Action held from 7 to 9 PM at the Upper Room Missionary Church near the York Galleria.

Topping the list with a perfect score of 100% was Paul Mango (Governor), Jim Christiana III (U.S. Senator), past Statesman of the Year, Scott Perry (incumbent Congressman), Chet Beiler and Lloyd Smucker (both running for the same 11th District Congressional seat), Rep. Kristine Phillips-Hill and Julie Wheeler, both running for the 28th District State Senate seat being vacated by a candidate for Governor.

Also scoring 100% rating were all three Lt. Governor candidates who made an appearance at the event to speak, Diane Irey-Vaughan, Kathy Coder and Marguerite “Peg” Luksik, as well as 92nd State Senate district candidates Dawn Keefer (incumbent) and Joshua Hershey.

(CLICK ON IMAGE for full size) The inside 4 panels of the 8 1/2 by 11 inch, 2 sides VALUE VOTERS GUIDE for the May, 2015 primary, showing the list of candidates with their answers to 12 questions we asked them.

The candidates who spoke to the gathering left a super-positive impression on the audience.  At the top of that list is Representative Kristine Phillips-Hill, the candidate for State Senate who is the unanimous choice of the York County CCC board to be its 2018 “Statesman of the Year” because she has appeared at so many of the group’s events in the past several years and has always been a very strong advocate for the views of conservative faith-voters.  Rep. Hill’s challenger did not attend the Saturday night Candidate Forum.


(CLICK ON IMAGE for full size) Side 1, or the outside 4 panels of the 8 1/2 by 11 inch, 2 sides VALUE VOTERS GUIDE for the May, 2015 primary.

Also scoring at the top in audience approval was Patrick Dunnigan, who was the surrogate for Paul Mango for Governor.  Since he purchased a dinner ticket he spoke off the record to the gathering of the best supporters and activists of Conservative Christian Center and then during his regular slot at the later event.

Speaking at both the dinner and at the main forum, perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening was the splendid performance by Chet Beiler, candidate for the 11th District Congressional seat held by incumbent Congressman, Lloyd Smucker.

As many of our readers know, the Democratic-dominated Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, in a blatant power-grab which completely ignored the State Constitutional requirement that district lines be drawn by the state legislature, ruled the work of the legislature “unconstitutional” and then drew their own district lines, giving Democrats a chance at picking up as many as three to five Congressional seats in the 2018 election.

If they cannot get a “blue wave” election result to obtain a pro-Impeach-Trump majority then, Pennsylvania Democrats clearly intend to do it the old fashioned way — to steal the majority by gerrymandering district lines.   Democrats need over 20 seats to change hands in the 2018 election, and they are hoping that the Democratic Supreme Court just handed them Scott Perry’s seat and a total of up to 5 seats from this state.

That’s why so many of our York County voters who have had Scott Perry as their Congressmen, suddenly find themselves in the district of the candidate to our east.  The Democratic Party hacks occupying State Supreme Court seats, simply tossed some of the strong GOP precincts into GOP Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s district, in an attempt to weaken Scott Perry.  No wonder so many Democrats are battling it out for that party’s nomination to run against him on Tuesday.

But our Saturday night Candidate Forum group was shocked to learn that Smucker, the former long-standing member of Lancaster County Action, although he answered all of the CCC questions perfect and earned a 100% rating, only got a 58% rating by Heritage Action, well below the average House Republican.  Chet Beiler really surprised his Saturday night audience by reporting this and the ratings of Freedom Works – 45% – the Club for Growth 66% and Conservative Review 58%.  He told the audience that he had even created a special website to report on the liberal voting record of his primary opponent, HERE.

Chet Beiler reported how a year ago he heard, that the incumbent Republican Congressman, as he began his term as a new Congressman, had been asked at the Lancaster County breakfast at which he spoke, whether he planned to challenge Congressman Scott Perry for the honor of being the top conservative Congressman in PA according to Heritage Action, and was he going to join the Freedom Caucus.  He made no commitment on either, one year ago.  As it turns out, he has instead joined the liberal GOP group, the Tuesday Group, according to his GOP primary challenger, Chet Beiler.

Congressman Scott Perry, last year’s CCC “Statesman of the Year” award winner, running for renomination, sent in his survey and earned a 100% rating by Conservative Christian Center.  Also running for renomination was another former “Statesman of the Year,” Seth Grove, who was announced (as a courtesy) as a 100% rating in the value Voters Guide.

All of the Value Voters guides that were printed were taken away by attendees of the Candidate Forum, who will give them out at their own Churches on Sunday and at their polling place on Tuesday.  Permission to reprint more is hereby given to our readership, click on images above.  Once again we remind our readers, with more donation funds available we would have printed more of this Voter Guide.

A “Value Voters Guide” was created in the 2017 Primary Election in May that was announced at the free Candidate Forum of Conservative Christian Center and York County Action in early May.  A September 30 Candidate Forum and “Statesman of the Year” annual breakfast was held at the Country Club of York, to announce the general election edition of the Voter Guide.

A “voter guide” in one format or another has been in use by York County Action going back many years, and has been found to be invaluable by voters who could obtain one.

Also playing a major role in the “Candidate Forum” this past Saturday night was Dr. Ken Gibson, who led a prayer for all candidates running on the ballot – as he has done for many years, and who served as the official “Chaplain” of the evening.  Ron Cohen served as Master of Ceremonies – and together with Dr. Gibson is a Chairman Emeritus of York County Action and an Advisor to Conservative Christian Center.

Ross Cleveland, who delivered welcome remarks, is the south central PA coordinator for CCC, while the local CCC York County Chairman, Emy Delgaudio, delivered remarks.  Robert Cosgrove, who for the third consecutive time tabulated the Value Voters Guide and the score earned by each candidate, officially announced the new edition of the 2018 Primary Election Value Voters Guide.

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