Straw Poll Results from CCC Candidate Forum

Doug Mastriano, Rebecca Warren, Matt Menges, Julie Wheeler, Shane Becker, Julie Haertsch Score Victory in secret ballot vote by Decisive Margins

The results of the secret ballot Straw Poll vote taken at the Friday, May 10- Candidate Forum of the Conservative Christian Center and York County Action are here announced.  The big winners include Doug Mastriano, the GOP nominee for an open state senate seat at the western end of York County (79%), Rebecca Warren (a decisive 38% victory, 16 points over her nearest rival ina  field of 6 candidates) for PA Super Court Judge and Matt Menges (39%) beating Jonelle Harter-Eschbach (26%).  Each of these candidates was “A” rated as those voting were aware after the rankings were announced with a handout at the meeting.

Other winners includes: Julie Wheeler (28.4%) in a field of 8 candidates running for two seats, with incumbent Christopher Reilly, a past Statesman of the Year of CCC/YCA, in second place (26%).

Shane Becker (62%) with an “A” rating decisively defeated incumbent Sheriff Rich Keuerleber (38%) who had a “B” rating.

Julie Haertsch (42%) defeated Barbato Arvonio (34%) for Clerk of Court with the other candidates finishing far behind the two, both of whom were “A” rated.

The full report is HERE.

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