Meet State Rep. Mike Jones, Wendy Fink, Joe D’Orsie next Monday

Rep. Mike Jones
Then candidate for State Representative Mike Jones speaks at the Conservative Christian Center Candidate Forum in 2018 after earning a CCC “A” rating.

Conservative Christian Center issues call for volunteers to join us

State Representative Mike Jones has confirmed to speak at the meeting of the “Working Group” one week from today, on Monday, August 22, at 6:30 PM at Praise Community Church, 703 S. Ogontz Street, York, PA 17403 where two major issues will be on the agenda: should Senator Doug Mastriano be given the “Statesman of the Year” award of Conservative Christian Center and York County Action eNewsletter?  And second, do we have enough new Working Group members (that’s YOU, Dear Reader) to continue the work of Conservative Christian Center?

York County Conservative Christian Center (York County ACTION eNewsletter)
Meeting of “Working Group” (please join us!!!) on Mon. 8/22 at 6:30 PM
Coffee and Donuts
Praise Community Church, 703 S. Ogontz St., York, PA 17403.

Representative Jones is a past “A” rated candidate of Conservative Christian Center, as listed in our “Value Voter” Guide.

Also attending and speaking at this meeting will be two GOP nominees for State Representative who won their primary contest against the GOP establishment incumbent candidate who had strong support from the GOP county organization, whose chairman publicly labeled Representative Jones a “traitor” to the Republican Party when he endorsed both of them – Wendy Fink and Joe D’Orsie.  The word among the Republican “regulars” was that Fink and D’Orsie had no chance to win against incumbent State Representatives and that Mike Jones career as a GOP legislator was over and done with because he’d endorsed the two challengers.

Big – and Happy! – surprise.  Jones won reelection.  The two candidates who he supported in an uphill campaign – Fink and D’Orsie -both won.  And the powerful GOP county chairman – who has in the past actively worked to persuade GOP county committeemen that the Conservative Christian Center is not a “loyal GOP” group, and they should stop attending our meetings and Candidate Forums, is gone – resigned after his embarrassing triple-loss.

And now the two surprise, upset primary winners – the almost certain future state representatives Wendy Fink and Joe D’Orsie, now the GOP nominees in strongly GOP districts – will join together with the courageous State Representative who bucked the odds, challenged the establishment and won, Rep. Mike Jones, at our meeting in one week on Monday at 6:30 PM.

Jones, Fink and D’Orsie are clearly coming on Monday night to meet you and to encourage you to up your participation with Conservative Christian Center in York County.

Will you stand up for what you believe and join us as we decide two important questions on Monday.  Mastriano, yes or no?  Continue CCC by helping on our Working Group, yes or no?


This is not a meeting that is just a social visit.  Sure there’ll be that, with coffee and donuts – but we are looking for people to listen to Representative Mike Jones, GOP Representative candidates Wendy Fink and Joe D’Orsi with an open mind, and then to consider making a commitment.

See yesterday’s edition for a list of other speakers.

Please RSVP if you will attend,

Our ranks are bigger than we thought … yesterday’s eNewsletter reported that we had 8,000 subscribers on Facebook, up from less than 200 when the old York County Action collapsed in 2016.  But we actually have 16,000 Facebook subscribers and followers (two different categories – 8,000 subscribers and 8,000 followers).

And there’s 407 eNewsletter subscribers.  Some of our subscribers, followers and supporters do not reside in York County.  We believe most do.  Thank you for being part of Conservative Christian Center through its York County Action eNewsletter.

Here’s how we explain CCC and York County Action at our Facebook page:

If you think those who govern us regardless of whether they share our Christian faith, ought to consider bible-based principles of right and wrong in every decision they make, then join us.

York County Action is the eNewsletter and Facebook page of York County Conservative Christian Center, founded in 2016 in time for the election.

(2016) This replaced the York County Action Facebook Page in 2016 after the collapse of the state and local Action (Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation).  The original Page was deleted by a Never Trump, former board member after they had resigned from the board and purged the page of admins/moderators who had been active York County Action members who, like most of the rest of the members, supported Donald Trump for President.  The new page was started and surpassed the old page with its less than 200 members in a matter of days, just before the 2016 election and in time to hoist the pro-Trump flag with 300+ subscribers.  It has gone far beyond that number since then.

Not affiliated with any other organization, corporation or PAC.  Not registered with the PA Secretary of State because we do not contribute $250 or more for express advocacy of any candidate or ballot question in any year.

If you missed yesterday’s more detailed eNewsletter click HERE.


The Editors

P.S. Oops… it was a 4x loss, not a triple loss, for the establishment GOP led by its now resigned county chairman.  Two incumbents defeated by strong conservatives.  The legislator who backed them most strongly came out on top.  And four, conservative stalwart and past “A” rated candidate of Conservative Christian Center, also beat out the establishment’s choice to win the nomination for Governor by a wide margin.  Praise God for this surprise quadruple win for the conservative, church-going faith community here in York County, Pennsylvania.  Now it is time for all those who don’t like the direction our country has taken in the past several years of liberal Democrat rule in America and here in Pennsylvania, to turn out to vote in November.