General Election Value Voters Guide Ready

Available in bulk quantities 25, 50 or more at tomorrow’s breakfast.

Conservative Christian Center announces Value Voters Guide, November 5, 2019 General Election Edition with candidate rankings

The November 5, 2019 General Election Value Voters Guide has been picked up from the printer and is ready for bulk distribution for the first time at the Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum Breakfast tomorrow. CCC members and supporters can hand these out for the next three Sunday’s at their church, to friends and co-workers and in front of their polling place on election day, November 5.

Candidates received a rating or ranking of “A,” “B” or “C” based upon their answers to questions of interest to conservative-minded, church-going Christians (with a “D” for “did not respond”). 

Last Chance to Register
Annual Statesman of the Year
and Candidate Forum Breakfast
Sat. Oct. 19, 2019
Country Club of York
1400 Country Club Road, York PA
10 free tickets left, and 10 tickets $10 each (regular price $30)
Enter promotional code: CCCfree or CCC10

This is the ninth year that CCC (earlier: York County ACTION) has published a “voter guide.”  In the past three years the guide, with editions published for the primary election and then the general election, also has included the rating.

Five candidates listed in the Voter Guide have been awarded a rating of “A” or “B.”

We note that aside from the ratings, the answers that candidates give to the questions asked will be of interest to the conservative, value voter. 

One of our speakers at the annual Statesman of the Year and Candidate Forum breakfast always addresses the question of the duty of Christians to vote with an informed conscience.  That speaker is Laszlo Pastor, an Adviser to Conservative Christian Center and past Chairman of Cumberland County Action as well as a state director of the old ACTION of PA.

Some of the candidates only answered some of the questions, earning them a lower score  But our goal as Christians should not be to find the perfect candidate to vote for, but rather, of the choices available to us on the November 5 ballot, which ones come closest to our philosophy and beliefs?

While other sources or information should be consulted – such as your having the chance to listen to speeches by the candidates who are interested in the vote of conservative, value voters in York County at our breakfast tomorrow morning, and the impression you get from speaking to them, we hope the new edition of the Value Voters Guide will be helpful.

Note.  This is not the first publication of this edition, which was mailed for the first time ever, last week to thousands of the GOP “Super Voters” (GOP voters in 4 consecutive primaries).  But it is the first time bulk copies of this will be available, first come first served.

We are coming down to the final hours for you to register a seat at the breakfast, with 10 additional free tickets having just been paid for by a conservative foundation.  Click HERE to reserve or write

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